How To Pay Attention To The Whispers

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We often hear a lot about the great strength of the human intuition, but rarely are we taught how to accurately listen and perceive our intuition. Even though it has been proven time after time, that our intuition is often a better decision maker than our rational mind.


And so, one must ask, how do we develop our ability to utilize our powerful decision-making machine? One thing is for certain and is supported by psychologists world-wide, it is possible to master your intuition with practice and mindfulness.

 Why Listen To The Whispers?

Famed and prominent psychologists, Carl Jung and Rogers argued that your intuition is one of the most powerful mechanisms of your human brain. Going as far as to say that it is absolutely necessary for a positive mental health to cultivate your intuition.

Rogers exclaimed that in order to be at your optimal functioning state of living, you must trust your intuition and be capable of expressing yourself through continuous and spontaneous forms of self-expression.

Carl Jung made great strides in the field of psychology and sociology through his extensive research into the unconscious mind. Jung concluded later in his life that humans who possessed optimal mental health possessed a certain level of openness to the deeper messages coming from the unconscious mind.

Researchers nowadays have come to a similar conclusion about the importance of this deep connection to your unconscious. Primarily because according to present psychological research —your brain’s gray matter consists primarily of the unconscious mind.

Roughly 80% of your brain’s entire gray matter is dedicated to the unconscious, while only 20% of your gray matter is utilized in your rational mind. That’s a significant amount of your intellect, being completely devoted to supplying your intuition with brain power.

Just like the famous Sigmund Feud image of the iceberg where only the tip of the iceberg can be seen from the top while the bottom lies below, with much greater size. The size and scale comparisons are spot on when it comes to your brain’s gray matter.

How To Pay Attention To The Whispers

What you need to understand that is crucial about your intuition, is that it’s essentially a file matching game, turned up to an omega-level.

Which means that when you are in the middle of an important decision, let’s say deciding on what to wear to your interview today your brain searches through your entire bank of memories and experiences in order to make the best decision.

Your brain may come back with a decision like “red”, but then your rational mind decides against it. Your rational thoughts begin filtering the whisper that your intuition brought to you because you think that red may be too bold for an interview and you just want to wear black and blend in. What you don’t know is that your intuition decided on “red” because it’s your favorite color, and you have past experiences when wearing red brought you success in past jobs.

it also makes you feel incredibly confident which your intuition decided is essential in your interview. So in that small amount of time, your complex system that is your intuition was able to gather all the positive data associated with colors in your life and gave you the absolute best answer.

Turns out it was right, you wore red, you felt confident and you landed your dream job. Had you listened to your rational mind and contemplated for several minutes, much longer than your immediate intuitive mind, you might have been seen as “average”and turned down for the job.
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