4 Tips To Manifest Your Dream Career

Wednesday 27 August 2014 0 comments

You've likely spent a lot of time learning the skills to do well at your job. But how much time have you spent learning the skills to do well at your career?


There is a difference. Take one of my clients, John, for example. He's so sharp that in high school, he got a perfect score on his SATs, and could ace any test without studying. And yet, many years later, he's working at an average programming job, with not much room for advancement. He is doing great work, and is happy with his life, but hasn't "moved up" to the bigger, more innovative jobs that he would like.

1. Clearly articulate your vision so you know where you're going.

You would never get on a plane without knowing the destination. So why would you move through your career without knowing where you're going with it?

In order to channel your energy and talents to fuel your career, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to build and why you want to build it.

2. Define your personal brand.

What sort of superhero are you, anyway?

You have certain characteristics that really make you shine: maybe you're creative, or judiciously fair, or keenly analytical, or generous. Which are yours? How often do you live up to the "best version" of yourself?

If you're like most people, the answer is probably that you have your moments of greatness, but are usually operating at around 50% of your full potential.

3. Communicate with curiosity.

We all know how important clear communication can be at work. And yet we still have misunderstandings, hurt feelings, bruised egos, and frustrating meetings. I have found that one of the single most important factors in building a great relationship with someone is curiosity: to understand why they think what they think, and what they are feeling and why.

4. Take care of yourself.

You can't be your best at work if your body and mind aren't tuned up and ready to go.

This tune-up includes exercise, eating foods that give you steady energy, sleeping enough, making time for doing the things that you love, and taking care of basic responsibilities .
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