10 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Happiness

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Best ways to increase happiness.

10 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Happiness

“You had only one life better make it happier”

How to Increase your Happiness

1. Experiment to find what makes you happy – and then spend time doing more of that!

2. Hang out with people who are usually upbeat as we’re influenced by people that we spend time with.

3. When something good happens, then focus on it. Count your many blessings, and practice thankfulness.

4. Don’t isolate yourself; we’re made to walk through life together. So try and find other people who will love you just for “you”.

5. Savour the moment, and don’t rush ahead. There’s so much to enjoy if we’ll only stop and notice.

6. Don’t just think about yourself; think about the needs of others. Volunteer, share your time, and help others when you can.

7. When you’re working on a task try and get into the flow. It’s so much more productive, energising and rewarding.

8. Keep an eye on your thought patterns, and notice when you tend to be overly negative or critical. When you’re feeling like that, try and challenge your thinking so it’s not so extreme, but is more balanced and objective.

9. Choose to NOT be envious or jealous of others. Instead, take charge of your life and form your own destiny.

10. Think outside the box, and be authentic and creative. You’ll enjoy your life much more if things are new and interesting.
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