7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain For Powerful Life Changes

Thursday 11 September 2014 0 comments

We all want to be happier, right? In our culture, we place so much emphasis – even pride – on our ability to manage numerous priorities. We rise early, tackle our work, stay late, go home, and hopefully have some energy left for family time and maybe even some fun.


Embrace a Positive Lifestyle

Despite of the difficulties facing our daily lives, we can indeed embrace a lifestyle of positive thinking and positive habits. Turning negative habits into positive ones requires both resilience and time management.

Monitor Your Self Talk

Self-talk is that continuous stream of thoughts that run through your brain every day. These thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral. Please understand this concept: if your thoughts are continuously negative, you are going to become a pessimist. If your thoughts are positive, you are going to be an optimist. Optimism = happiness + success!

Take time to visualize your goals and aspirations

Jack Canfield, the world-renowned author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and one of world’s foremost authorities on success, states that the daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can drastically quicken your realization of your dreams, goals and ambitions.

Take action that supports your goals.

By following the first four brain tips, you should be ready to take some action! You’re embracing a positive lifestyle, watching your self-talk and visualizing your goals. Good for you!

Know your purpose

It may sound cliché, but life is too short to live it for someone or something else. Taking ones purpose for granted or setting it aside because of demands placed on us is wasteful and unfulfilling. After all, this is your happiness that we are talking about!

Know that your brain can be changed

‘Neuroplasticity’ is an actual medical term that refers to the brain’s amazing ability to form new neural connections throughout life. That’s right – your brain can literally grow through your own conscious efforts.

Know that anything is possible

We’ve walked on the moon, created electricity, discovered flight, mapped the human genome, mass produced automobiles… all through the power of our brain. And here’s the thing… the only person who believed it was possible was the mind that first conceived it.
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