6 facts That Science Has No Explanation For

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1. The Horizon

It is believed that our universe is 14 billion years old, and the age within its end points, which can be observed, is 28 billion years. It was found that the temperature of the background radiation is the same everywhere. To reach this temperature, it would require expansion of the universe to its current size in 10-33 seconds! Did this actually happen? Uniform “heating” remains an anomaly for science.

2. Belfast homeopathy results

Pharmacologist Madeleine Ennis decided to prove the absolute falsehood of homeopathy, but instead came up with a stunning result: no matter how much a solution with a certain drug is diluted, it continues to have medicinal properties. Even when it is contrary to common sense, when not a single drug molecule is left in the solution. Or maybe some undetectable traces of the drug.

3. Dark Matter

The phenomenon of gravity is described in detail in every physics textbook. But textbooks do not reveal the fact that if scientific theories are correct, the universe may fall apart. This is because spinning galaxies do not have enough mass for their gravitational attraction, which would create centripetal forces. Where is an explanation for this discrepancy? Perhaps there is “dark matter”, which could account for 90% of the mass of the universe, but it has not been found yet.

4. Martian Methane

If the soil on Mars emits methane, then there must be life present. But despite the CH4 is present, there is no life. Devices sent to Mars from Earth have proven this, not a single organic molecule was detected. Scientists have one more opportunity to find life by finding “chiral” molecules and measuring their ratios. If the proportion of right-handed molecules is greater than the proportion of left-handed molecules, life on the red planet may exist. Or existed in the past.

5. Dark Energy

In 1998 it became known that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate. But according to the postulates of modern physics, the rate must be declining. One possible explanation is dark energy which we really do not know much about.

6. A signal from space

In 1977, the American astronomer Jerry R. Ehman recorded an unusual signal from the Sagittarius constellation which was 37 seconds in duration. The radiation surge had a narrow frequency band of around 1420 MHz. All transmissions of this frequency are prohibited by the international agreement. Natural sources of radiation have much broader frequency bands. This mysterious source of the signal remains unknown.
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