10 Inconsiderable Psychiatric Disorders You Didn’t Know About

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The nature in general and our own psyche in particular are very crafty in creating states we know little about. People constantly experience something unusual, and a lot has already been studied and named in honor of famous writers, artists, book characters, psychiatrists and other individuals. And it is not a bad idea for us, as educated people, to learn about when and what kind of trick our body will come up with next.


This article presents 10 interesting disorders, and this information will help us in becoming more knowledgeable and understanding of the way in which the human body functions.

1. Stendhal Disorder

The Stendhal Disorder involves dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations and sometimes hallucinations when an individual is surrounded by fine artwork or incredibly beautiful scenery.

 2. Van Gogh Disorder

We bet you are thinking about the artist’s ear? And you are almost correct. This Disorder is expressed by the fact that a patient is very insisting on going through a surgery, or even, frightful to know, will attempt to perform surgery on himself.

3. French Brothel Disorder

It is an amazing ability of women that spend a lot of time together to synchronize their menstrual cycles after a short period of time spent together. Scientists say that pheromones that the women detect in the air are the culprit. And one more interesting fact. Cycles of all women adjust to the cycle of the alpha female, even though sometimes this female does not even exist.

4. Jerusalem Disorder

This kind of megalomania, which occurs only in Jerusalem. A tourist, who arrived in the ancient city for religious purposes, or on pilgrimage, suddenly decides that he or she is endowed with divine and prophetic abilities. He or she is the one who has to save the world. An indispensable addition to a variety of symptoms is their theatricality in speech and gestures.

5. Genovese Disorder

Also known as “bystander effect.” People who witnessed extraordinary circumstances often try to stay away from helping the victims. The likelihood that any of the witnesses will help the victim decreases as more people will just stand there and watch. One of the main ways to cope with this effect and hope for help is picking a person randomly from the crowd and personally asking him for help.

6. Adele Disorder

This is a consuming love obsession or longing for love and romance, hurtful passion without reciprocity. This Disorder got its name because of a real story that happened to the daughter of Victor Hugo, Adele.

7. Stockholm Disorder 

From Hollywood films, we know that Stockholm Disorder is a situation in which a hostage begins to understand the perpetrator, and even sympathize with him and provide various forms of assistance. Psychologists call this “protective subconscious traumatic relationship.”

8. Dorian Gray Disorder

It can be said that this Disorder is experienced by those who actively try to remain young, devoting a lot of time and energy to look young and beautiful at any cost. It manifests itself in using items intended for younger generation, wearing clothes in a youth style, and can lead to abusing plastic surgery and cosmetic products. Sometimes this disorder ends with depression and even suicide attempts.

9. Kandinsky-Clérambault Disorder

It is another Disorder in psychiatry, also known as Disorder of mental automatism. Something related to “I see little green men telling me what to do” or “My legs direct me where I need to go, I have no control over them”.

10. Tourette’s Disorder

Often referred to as “coprolalia“, an abnormal and irresistible urge to shout out obscene words, although this is only one side of Tourette’s Disorder. Often used in movies. Interestingly, the word “coprolalia” can be translated from Greek as “verbal diarrhea“.
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