8 Healthy Ways to Get Out of Distracting Thoughts

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8 Amazing Tricks to Get out from Distracting Thoughts

Best ways to avoid Distracting Thoughts

Are there times when your mind is running on overdrive, when you can’t sleep or relax because your thoughts distract you so much?

Distract Thoughts

1) Get orgasmic

Whatever your preferred way, as long as everyone involved is on the same page and excited about what’s going to happen, get to it! Those natural endorphins are fantastic anti-thought and anti-stress chemicals.

2) Dance

Turn up the bass (or the sweet sounds of Mozart) and let the vibrations steal your thoughts as they flow into your ears and out your limbs through movement.

3) Get a massage/give a massage

Best if done by a professional, it’s amazing how many times an hour of massage has made a huge positive difference in the rest of my week.

Your awareness of your body increases both during and after the massage, and those kinks you’ve been holding are often a result of over-thinking throughout the rest of your day. Work out the kink, and you’ve begun working out the physical manifestation of your overworked brain.

4) Climb a mountain

There are few things that beat the feeling of conquering a chunk of rock, especially if it’s a really large chunk of rock. Grab a bottle of water and some nuts, find a path, and take an afternoon hike. Even if you only get to a vista, you’ll gain a new perspective on your surroundings and give your body a chance to breathe, sweat, and get “high”.

5) Run until your legs can’t carry you

This method can be applied to any sport, as long as you’re actively pushing yourself to a sustained point of high physical exertion. Besides getting a blast of those feel-good endorphins from your runner’s high, if you do this properly you’ll be more focused on breathing and the pain in your legs than on any whirring or stirring in your head.

In the end, you might feel sore, but you’ll have had a break from the stress your thoughts can create.

6) Pet an animal

This might sound a little silly to some of you, but bear with me. You already know that hospitals use certified therapy dogs to calm patients, and in Japan there is actually such thing as a “cat café”, where customers enjoy coffee and tea in the company of cute kittens to de-stress.

7) Meditate

For more information on this supercharged, extra-healthy way to get out of your head, read Phil’s article on meditation. I’ll admit, it’s extremely difficult at times, but once you get into the flow, meditation will be your best go-to resource to quiet your mind.

8) Help someone out

Probably the very best way to get out of your own head and forget your own little stories, helping someone else with their issues can change your perspective on your own situation. And of course, it also makes a positive difference in that person’s life at the same time!
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