5 Fun Apps helps you to become smarter

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There are many apps that will help you exercise your brain and make you smarter. I think it’s the beauty of technology these days. You can use a fun app while stimulating your mind, isn’t it awesome? 

fun apps

These incredible apps will help reduce your risk of developing memory loss, improve your cognitive function and strengthen your neural networks. Moreover, you will learn lots of interesting things and boost your memory. Read on to find out a few fun apps that will make you smarter.

7 Little Words

The 7 Little Words app is challenging, fun, interesting and incredibly easy to learn! Every puzzle consists of 7 mystery words, 7 clues, and 20 letter groups. Sometimes it will be hard to solve, but you won’t give up because it will bug you until you solve all puzzles (I know it!) 7 Little Words is one of the best apps that will certainly make you smarter.


If you want to learn a new language, such as Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese, consider downloading Duolingo. The best thing about this app is that it’s free and there are no hidden charges and no ads. Plus, you can invite your friend to use Duolingo and compete with them in interesting language challenges. Duolingo allows you to translate any real-world phrase into the language you’re trying to learn. An independent study (static.duolingo.com) that was funded by the app makers showed that 34 hours on Duolingo is about equivalent to 11 weeks or one semester of a college language course.


Every day we walk and drive past things without ever thinking about it. Georeader is an app that automatically reads out loud to you any historical marker and any point of interest as you drive or walk by them. Georeader has access to more than 120,000 points of interest throughout the UK, Canada, US, and Mexico, which make it ideal for road trips. Just imagine, you drive across the state and hear about its history.


This fun app is one of my favorite apps that help me exercise my brain. SimplePhysics will help you learn about the law of physics by creating complex structures (bridges, tree houses, ferris wheels etc.) and working through different engineering quandaries. If you want to win, make sure your design is strong and cheap. To test the build strength of your creation, you will need to add forces like wind and weight into the equation.


The Quora app can become your best source for knowledge once you try using it. You can ask questions, get answers from people who have years of experience. You can also blog about things you know. Quora is one of the best places to get an answer that you may never know existed. This app will definitely help you plenty of interesting information.
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