Psychology of 6 Kinds of toxic friends

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Friends are usually for life and help make your life complete. We can have many friends in life but some turn out to be toxic. When people say “toxic friend”, they actually mean the type of friend who is good embarrassing you in front of  others to gain attention or who is a betrayer. 

Gossip Friends

Here are some toxic friends you may want to eliminate from your life.

1. The Gossip.

Some people enjoy gossip. Every time you meet them they have news about other people. You can never share your personal information with these friends as they are good at disclosing things to others. The things they talk about are usually complaining to others. They can even blackmail you for stories you have shared.

2. The Hater

A friend who is hater can never be satisfied. They tend to have negative opinions about almost everything, like the cloths you wear or the people you talk to.

3. The Leech

We usually have that one friend who is constantly borrowing money or your stuff and depends on you. This kind of friend should be definitely eliminated.

4. The fault finder.

This type of friend does nothing but find fault in you and in others. They are always keen of everything that you say or do.

5. The manipulator.

The manipulative friend is often the stealthy one; such friends are good at manipulating situations and have usually got too many problems to mention. These type of friends manipulate the situation to their convenience.

6. The backstabber.

Backstabbers are nice to your face. They can make you enjoy their company and have fun with them. You like spending time with them and it becomes confusing to recognize the backstabbing, but hearing negative things from others it gets depressing.
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