Steps to Focus on Your Concentration

Tuesday 27 May 2014 0 comments

Focusing on your concentration is all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.

1. Take a Gap

It might seem strange to start a series of pointers on building attention with the directive to stop paying attention…

You can only concentrate efficiently for a certain period of time. How long that period is will vary from person to person.

A good general rule, though, is that most people’s ability to focus on anything starts to waver after the length of a typical sitcom: 20 minutes or so.

2. Block it

Since attention only lasts a certain period, it’s good practice to chunk down whatever you’re doing.

It helps to boost motivation if there’s a smaller task to be completed in a manageable block of time that contributes to your overall goal.

With motivation higher, it’ll be easier to maintain your focus for the period allotted.
Then you roll into your next small chunk with hopes high and motivation undimmed.

3. The surroundings

Not everyone needs complete silence to concentrate: some people swear by background music, others that they work better in a busy cafe than at home.

But, whatever the right environment is for you, go there.If you don’t know what the right environment is, then try some experimenting.

It may mean you have to leave the usual haunts — the home and the office — to find the sort of surroundings that are conducive to concentration.

4. Ponder

Long-time readers will know all about the benefits of mediation so I’ll not labour the point.

Suffice to say that meditation is like a triple espresso to the attentional system.

5. Sleep

The magical cure for anything and everything! The list of its powers go on-and-on but suffice to say that amongst its many benefits, sleep will also rejuvenate your attention.

 6. Nature

There are now numerous studies showing the benefits of being in a natural environment for our powers of attention. Something about the greenery seems to rev up our cognitive systems.

Or perhaps it’s just the escape from the distractions of the modern built environment that does it. Whatever it is, greater focus could be waiting for you just outside.
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