How to develop any skill.

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As we know life is full of challenges and in certain times you will experience where you will find yourself extremity in need of learning new art.
develop any skill

Some parents develop negative beliefs in children from their childhood as “you can’t come through at something without being skilled” without knowing the truth that any ark can be obtained if the person tries hard enough.

Of course some people might begin their lives with a certain advantage but this doesn't mean that a person who starts from blemish and who works hard can't be as skilled as those people who had this advantage.

By this article an example is provided to show how to study any skill and become accomplish in life.

How to develop the skill for swimming.

Swimming is not a ordinary task. . I have never tried to swim in a efficient way until i was compelled to swim because of a back injury that i had.

 I went to the pool for the first time and i started observing the people who were swimming around me. Few moments after i gave it a try but i found it extremely hard to adjust my breath. I used to drink the pool's water by mistake because i used to open my mouth in the wrong time.

I went home feeling debilitated. Now if a person who had incorrect beliefs about studying new skills was in my place he might have gave up swimming because of believing that he is not skilled. The only difference between me and that person is that while we both knew that we were not skilled i knew that i can become skilled if i kept trying.

The next time i went to swim i drank less pool's water and i learned how to take the breath in the right time. When i went to the pool for the third time i saw a coach saying small kids how to swim so i started watching him and i learned the right way to move my arm. I kept trying and trying but i didn't manage to do it correctly that day.

The next time i went to swim i managed to alter the action of my arms a little more.
I felt more self-assured because i found that I was on my way to study how to swim skilfully. The next day i met a friend who used to swim often so i started asking her for tips and she told me two more things to do.

I do the things wrong continuously, taking the feedback from people and using the tips until i was professional in swimming.

How to Study any skill?

The way for studying any new skill is very simple. You just need to keep trying while learning from your omissions. You can observe people who experienced this skill you want to study, hunt for help online or ask for skillful help each time you find yourself making problems.

By time you will find that you have experienced this skill that sounded hard in the beginning.

Here are the logic's:

1) They feel ashamed: In the stable self-assurance program i said that people who feel lesser and those who have wrong thoughts about making problems think that they must always be perfect at anything they do even if it was the first time for them to do it. Those people will avoid studying a new skill simply because they don't want others to see them doing poorly!

2) They have negative thoughts about life: Some people were brought up to believe in the skill parable. Those people believe that the skilled ones are those who were constitutional with certain heredity and not those who tried hard until they mastered their skills 

3) Not sympathetic how success works: Success is all about going from one bankruptcy to another until you learn the right way that works. I did tens of problems while trying to learn swimming but as the time passed i learned how to avoid them one by one and i managed to swim well

If you want to study any skill then just follow this simple formula and you will experienced it in no time.
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