How to apply reversal psychology on people

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Firstly known about the reversal psychology

Reversal psychology is to drive someone to do the exactly opposite of it.

For suppose tell to your friend “You can’t reach before 6” might drive him to do the opposite just to make you wrong.

reversal psychology

Reversal psychology is a deadly weapon because the person may not believe you again if they realized that you were making to manipulate them. So reversal psychology must be applied on conscious mind of a person not on the subconscious mind.

 So reversal psychology must be used properly

1) Try to make the person trust your words

2) Try to make him understand you were not saying to motivate him.

 When reversal psychology can be used?

For example a student gets low grades, tell him like “You never will get better grades” this may decrease his self confidence, and make him to obey that its really impossible and develop a negative belief in his mind which affects his nature.

And next if you kept telling someone that he is atrocious or deceitful you might program his mind to obey that these trick are parts of his personality and that he can’t do any better.

Reversal psychology is only used to reach his goals by knowing the actions of a person that you want him to reach. In the above example the correct way to motivate the child to get high grades can be done simply because he can study if he wanted but getting high grades is subject to many other factors other than studying.

Tell him something like “I odds you can never complete your work tonight” is better than telling him “you will never get good grades”

How to apply reversal psychology on people?

Every person may not react to reversal psychology, for suppose, who doesn't have self confidence might actually take your crushing statements and make from them new limiting thoughts that makes them come up with even worse.

Reversal psychology can be applied with egocentric, single-minded people and those who have bloated characters.
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