3 Categories of Personality Disorders

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3 Types of Mental illness

Some Psychological disorders

Mental disorders

Personality disorders

mental illness

Everyone does sometimes weird, crazy or anything which is not appropriate in a given situation. So I sometimes go dancing when it's raining very hard, sometimes I say things before I think, and I always laugh the loudest at my own jokes. What thoughts, feelings and behaviors ensure that the diagnosis personality disorder can be made?

Personality disorders are divided into three different clusters.

Cluster A: Odd, eccentric behavior 

1. Paranoid personality

Distrustful, convinced that their own vision of the world is correct, delusions, feelings of vulnerability, feel threatened Example: The phone's beloved check text messages or phone calls that may indicate cheating, without good reason.

2. Schizoid personality disorder

Aloof, difficulty expressing emotions, often alone and shy, little pleasure from activities pick often create a fantasy world, no question of loss of contact with the outside world Example:  Does prefer activities alone than with others, such as watching TV or doing puzzles.

3. Schizotypal personality

Bizarre movements and behaviors, feelings of discomfort in others, strange ideas and beliefs Example:  Believing that every night aliens standing next to your bed to provide the dreams you have.

Cluster B: Dramatic, emotional, impulsive behavior 

1. Borderline Personality Disorder

Impulsive, black / white thinkers, extreme reactions, difficulty maintaining relationships Example: Enormous be angry when the loved one is fifteen minutes late due to traffic.

2. Antisocial personality disorder

Mood swings, unstable relationships, impulsive and antisocial behavior, rapid needs satisfaction pursuit Example:  Joining armed robbery, without having to worry about the law or their own safety.

3. Narcissistic personality disorder

Find himself better than others, interested enough to want others to be considered important, want power Example: Whoever finds it difficult not totally dismiss subordinates, he alone is important.

4. Histrionic personality

Very emotional, trouble deep relationships, like the center, looks extremely Example: On the anniversary of becoming someone else draw attention to themselves.

Cluster C: Anxious, edgy behavior

1. Dependent personality disorder

a dependent, need to be cared for subject and clinging behavior, fear of being abandoned Example:  The voting advice from another take, because you can not decide.

2. Avoidant personality

Extreme shyness, very afraid of rejection / criticism / humiliation Example: dare to take, no side jobs for fear of it not being able to.

3. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Order, regularity own will to do things, perfectionist, difficulty showing emotions Example:  So perfectionist that tasks are not coming because you're not easily satisfied.

These descriptions are short (in the corner) and must be present in such an extreme extent that it creates difficulties in daily life. Not everyone has the same characteristics, or in the same degree. Each person is  unique .
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