How to Become a Master in Flirting

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How to Become a Master in Flirting

The Art of Flirting

Master the Art of Flirting

Flirting is a subtle art form that when done right can have great results. It can let someone know that you’re interested without you having to come out and say it, and your actions can speak louder than your words. Done wrong, you can come across as desperate, too aggressive, or maybe even too subtle so that the other person doesn’t even know you’re interested. Here’s how to master the art of flirting:

1A. Eye contact. Eye contact is the basis for all flirting techniques. No one will ever know that you’re interested if you can’t look them in the eye, and on the other hand, you’ll come across as creepy if all you do is stare. Eye contact in flirting is used in the same basic way you would when talking with any friend, it’s just simply held a little longer. Instead of a quick glance, maybe you’ll hold their gaze for even one or two seconds longer. This subtle movement will quickly attract anyone’s attention because it’s slightly different than the eye contact we are used to in every other interaction we have. It sends the signal that you’re looking at them in a different way that you would anyone else and lets them know that they have your attention.

2A. Gentle teasing. As kids we were always told that the kid on the playground that teases you is the one that secretly likes you. They are just trying to get your attention and talk to you. This is the basic premise for flirting too. If you weren’t interested in someone you wouldn’t take the extra time to tease them about something. The key here is to be gentle, light and funny. Don’t pick on them or be mean, but instead approach it jokingly. Find something superficial and light that you can chide them about a few times over the course of a conversation. This shows that you’re paying attention to them and acts as an inside joke between the two of you.

3A. Make fun of yourself. An alternative to teasing them is to find something in yourself that you can make fun of.If you’re too down on yourself and serious about it you’ll come across as having low self esteem, but if you can approach it jokingly and with humor then it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re able to find fun in any situation.

4A. Physical contact. You can signal that you’re interested in someone by using more physical contact than you normally would in a regular conversation. Maybe you put your hand on their arm when you’re talking, or you touch them lightly on the back as you pass by. Whatever it is, keep it subtle. A little goes a long way in letting them know that you’re interested.

5A. Probe deeper. Don’t just skim the surface with small talk, as we do in most of our interactions. Instead, show a real interest in something they’re talking about. If they mention that they just went on a camping trip don’t just say, “Oh that sounds fun”. Instead, lean in and start asking questions. Did they camp much as a kid? Where did they go? Are they a tent person or an RV person? Even if you don’t know anything about the topic, asking questions shows that you’re more interested in what they have to say.

6A. Laugh. Laugh lots. Smile, be happy and show off your fun side. Flirting works best when it’s light and fun. When you get too serious you can seem creepy or pushy, so keep things light and breezy. They best way to show that you’re not too serious is by laughing lots and showing that you’re just having a good time.
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