5 Easy Tips to Ignore Haters

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5 Easy Tips to Ignore Haters

Some Best ways to Ignore Haters

How To Ignore Haters

There are haters out there in the world and there’s nothing we can do about them. There will always be negative people who want to criticize and bring us down, and if we let them, they can succeed. Here’s how to rise above it and ignore the haters:

1. Focus in. When you start getting wrapped up in what other people are thinking about you, reel it in and focus your thoughts inward. Pretend that you have blinders on, like a racehorse, and start to block out external forces. Remind yourself that you are doing things for you, not to impress other people. Think about your goals and what you want out of your life and keep your focus going forward. Think about how you want to feel when you achieve your goals and use that as a focal point for moving forward and ignoring criticism.

2. Don’t take it personally. Haters are always going to be haters – it’s just their way of dealing with the world. Some people feel insecure about themselves or threatened by other successful people and find it easier to criticize them or to be negative. These people likely hate on everyone around them, not just on you. Understanding where they are coming from helps you to realize that it’s not really about you. When you know it’s not personal you’ll have an easier time ignoring it.

3. Listen to your fans. Turn up the volume on the positive comments in your life. There are likely lots of people, like your friends and family, who think you are awesome. They probably have lots of words of encouragement, which we often ignore or dismiss. Now is the time to pay more attention to their praise and hold on to it. Maybe even write a few of their compliments down and keep them where you can see them, as a reminder that for every hater you have there are lots of people who love and support you.

4. Haters are temporary. Don’t shy away from an opportunity or miss out on doing something because you’re worried about criticism. In 5 or 10 years from now, or even next week or next month, those people probably won’t be around and what they thought won’t matter. You’ll be left with regrets for letting them rain on your parade and for having missed out. Instead, understand that haters are temporary and that what’s most important is that you pursue your life with happiness and positivity. That’s what you’ll carry forward with you, not their negative attitudes.

5. Focus on the big picture. What do you want in life? What are your big goals and life’s dreams? When you think of the big picture of what you want and how you want your life to look, the haters will seem tiny and insignificant. Sure, they might really get to you right now, but in the long term they don’t have anything to do with your goals and your life. Ignore them now by reminding yourself of your big picture goals and plans for your life.
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