What kills a Relationship?

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Here are the 10 Relationship Killers

Every relationship is bound to have its problems. Some are fixable with a little communication and effort, but others are sure-fire relationship killers. Here are 10 to watch out for:

A1.    Being too into yourself. Your relationship will never work if it’s all about you. It takes two people to be in a relationship together and you both matter. Being totally self-absorbed is a guaranteed way to see your relationship fizzle.

A2.    Letting your friends get in the way. Whether it’s spending too much time with your friends, letting them influence your decisions or over-sharing intimate details of your relationship – letting your friends get in the way can make your relationship feel overcrowded and is sure to get old fast.

A3.    Not communicating. Not being open and honest with each other about your feelings, what you are up to, or what you really want out of the relationship is a slippery slope to relationship failure. You’ll never make it work if you don’t know what the other person is thinking and feeling.

A4.    Making assumptions. Assuming that you know what the other person is feeling or what they want is a bad habit to get into. When you assume you know it all instead of asking them, or talking about things, you’ve shut down the lines of communication. You’re also taking it for granted that you know them so well that you don’t need to ask their opinion.

A5.    Not making time for each other. If you get complacent and assume that you’ll just automatically fit into each other’s lives and schedules you could be heading for relationship failure. Just as you did in the early stages of your relationship, you need to work together to carve out time for each other.

A6.    Being in different places. One of you wants to settle down and the other wants to meet other people or travel the world. This is a major relationship killer because you’ll never come to an agreement without someone feeling like they are settling.

A7.    Not making an effort. Sure you might have been together for a long time but that doesn’t mean you can stop trying. If you stop making an effort it tells your significant other that you just can’t be bothered to care.

A8.    Growing apart. You were totally on the same page when you started dating but you’ve each grown and changed to the point where you want different things. This happens in life and denying it is only going to make you resent the relationship and each other.

A9.    No romance. After a while you might feel like two buddies instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. If there’s no romance you might ask yourself why you’re even in a relationship anymore.

A10.  Needing space. Smothering your boyfriend/girlfriend is one of the easiest ways to send them running. When they feel like you’re always on top of them it’s only a matter of time before they need so much space that they’ll want to end things.

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