Scientifically Proven Signs that you’re in Love

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Here are the 7 Scientifically Proven Signs that you’re in Love

A1. “This one’s special” – When we’re in love we’re convinced that there is no one to match the person we love. Everything they do seems wonderful.

A2. “She’s perfect”– When we’re in love we are blind to their flaws. To us, they are perfect and can’t do any wrong.

A3. “I’m a wreck!” – When we’re in love our emotions are a mess. We feel as if we are on a roller coast ride – elated one moment, then terrified the next.

A4.  “I’m obsessed with him” – When we’re in love we can’t get them off our mind. We’re always thinking of them, from morning until night.

A5. “I wish we could be together all the time” – People in love experience jealousy and the same kind of need and dependency as a child who is attaching to their primary caregiver.

A6. “I hope we stay together forever” - When we’re in love we dream and we plan of a future together, and a destiny shared.

A7. “I’d do anything for her” - When we’re in love we’re acutely aware of the other person’s feelings, their sadness and pain. We want to be the one who will ease their suffering, and we do what we can to bring them joy and happiness.

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