Signs that Show Someone is Telling a Lie

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Here are the 9 Possible Signs Someone Is Telling A Lie
Here are some tell-tale signs that I think helps you figure out when someone is trying to deceive you.

1. Some of the things they say are inconsistent. For example, someone misses a meeting. At first they tell you the reason they couldn’t make it was because they were sick. Then another time, they tell you it’s because they had something else to do. Chances are they are covering up a lie or that they are only being half-truthful.

2. They say one thing but do another. There’s a saying that actions speak louder than words. We judge other people through their actions and less on what they say, because the actions really reveals a person’s intentions. For example, people may make you promises, but in their actions, they do the complete opposite or they do not follow through completely.

3. There exist a history of previous lies from this individual. People who lied in the past will often continue to lie again. It’s their way of living in life to gain things or avoid losses. If someone has lied to you, chances are they will lie again. If their friends or other people who know this individual tell you or hint to you you of their past lying behaviors, chances are you really have to watch out.

4. They want something from you. When someone wants something from you, chances for lies increases. Even though most people are honest and respect the boundaries, there are others who will use lying to their advantages. Lying is a tool to help someone get what they want when used effectively.

5. Too Good to Be True. If something sounds too good or improbable, chances are that it’s a lie. For example, if someone tells you that a product is on sale for a limited time, they are probably lying. It’s a marketing strategy to get you to buy something by making it sound so good.

6. They pressure you. If you could see that they are stressed out and not really giving you time to think through a situation, they are probably trying to manipulate you to get what they want. You have to be really careful and not play their games.

7. Their responses are really vague. For example, they don’t tell you the entire situation or they avoid answering your questions. Chances are they are hiding something or only interested in giving you half-truths.

8. They give you extra details. This point is from a link I shared previously, but it’s a good point. If the individual says more than necessary or seems to be trying to hard, they may be thinking you don’t believe them. Be highly doubtful why they are adding all these extra information.

9. Notice what they haven’t said. What people say is also as important as what people don’t say. Sometimes, you may wonder why they didn’t mention about this or that or for this situation, why wasn’t this mentioned? Paying attention to what people don’t say is helpful in determining the missing pieces of a puzzle.

Hope you like these signs I have come up with. Feel free to comment, critique and share with me some of your examples.

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