How to know Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 0 comments

Here are some to difference to find out are you a leader or follower

Leaders: Love to formulate large plans and goals, and to be responsible for big events.

Followers: Prefer to responsible for one task, or for one part of a job.

Leaders: Are comfortable in their own skin. They don’t need others to affirm them, or tell them they are doing things right.

Followers: Need to be encouraged and affirmed by others. They like to be told that they’re still on track, and they feel discouraged if they’re criticised.

Leaders: Exude enthusiasm, confidence and passion - and inspire other people to get involved as well.

Followers: Are mainly interested in getting the job done - they are not interested in motivating others.

Leaders: Make important decisions, and then take the first steps. They take charge of situations and “do what must be done.”

Followers: Prefer to hold back, to be cautious or to wait. They look for direction and support from other people.

Leaders: Want to be the people who bring about a change. They act to make a difference - they don’t just talk and plan.

Followers: Prefer to talk things over and to think things through. They would rather wait for others to step out, or make a move.

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