Study a Person Character within 5 Minutes

Thursday, 16 August 2012 1 comments

When you meet a person and if you want to find what type of person was he/she. You need not to take lot of months to study his/her character just follow the below 3 steps you can easily identify a person character within 5 minutes.

1. (First Minute): Study the person's Face features. This is an older form of character study dating to the early 1800's. Basically, you examine a person's features, or the "map" of their face, for an indication of their strengths, weaknesses, and destination. A person with a large head may have a significant IQ, although sometimes the opposite is true, in certain cases. A low brow may denote cunning, while a wide brow suggests sensitivity and intellect. Wide-set eyes may reveal a person who is cautious and watchful, while close-set eyes hint at a limited thought span. A receding chin is sometimes reflective of one who is passive or retiring. Pursed lips often belong to fearless or aggressive individuals. These are general traits and can be assembled in a variety of ways on innumerable faces. It is up to the individual interpreter to attach meaning to their arrangement on a specific person.

2. (second and third minutes): Examine the person's eyes. A subject who returns a frank stare may be curious or honest. A brash stare suggests arrogance, on the other hand, and may even hint at someone with something to hide. A person who cannot hold an eye-locking gaze for more than a second or two may be shy, modest, anxious, or guilty. One who stares into space or in another direction, like out the window, could be distracted or bored. Study the retina for hidden expressions of character. Although these are hard to put into words, you may be able to interpret the meaning when you see it.

3. (fourth and fifth minute): Pay attention to gestures orexpressions. A nervous tic could denote anxiety. A tight mouth might reveal someone's nervousness, irritation, or lack of honesty. When someone turns his or her face from you in a half-angle, the person could be trying to hide something. Looking down or away also may suggest shyness or a lack of openness.

You will need to put all the clues together in a person's face to make sense of the pattern that seems to be emerging. From it you can tell something of an individual's character and the direction that his or her life is taking. Give it a try with someone you know to see how accurate your assessment is, and then try it, without saying anything, on someone you are getting to know, and watch to see how things turn out.

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