Practically possible Face Reading Techniques

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Amazing Face Reading Techniques.
Interesting Face Reading Techniques.
The techniques for face reading present here are easy to understand and these techniques are carefully designed which are easy to practice on your friends or other people. Youre need not to be a professional to learn these techniques just learn them and apply them on your friends and enjoy............

Try these Face Reading Tips on your friends:

These Face reading techniques have been studied through centuries to know more about an individual. The inquisitive human mind has always been fascinated to know more about the minds of his fellow men. The ancient Chinese art of face reading believed in the ideology that the human face was a reflection of the inner spirit and the people of Medieval Europe thought the face was synonymous with virtue. There are over 100 points on the face that you can analyze and find more about a person. Here we will see a few face reading tips that you may find useful when trying to learn more about a person. You can learn more on body language.

Facial Shape
You can learn a lot about a person with his or her facial shape. The following common facial shapes will help you learn a few face reading tips:

· Round Face: They are known as water-shaped faced people. They have a plump and fleshy face. People with round faces are an emotional lot. They are known to be sensitive and caring. They are thought to have strong sexual fantasies. If you are looking forward for a long term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice.

· Oblong Face: The long, thin face is called as the wood-shape face. These people may have a muscular or athletic physic. They are thought to be practical, methodical and tend to be a tad more overworked. They are thought to be weighed along with narcissism and may have problematic relationships.

· Triangular Face: These face types are usually related to a thin body and intellectual suasion. They are considered to be creative and thought to have a fiery temperament according to the Chinese face readers.

· square: They are known as the metal shape face. These people are thought to have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. The face shape is associated with an aggressive and dominating nature. You can read more on face shape and personality

Face Profile
There are five types of face profiles that you should consider when trying to read a person with the help of face reading techniques. The five face profile types are:

· Convex: The person with the convex profile types have a sloping forehead, slightly prominent brows and a large nose that is slightly curved. They also have a receding chin shape. These people come under the category of hard headed people who have a demanding nature and an impatient streak.

· Concave: The people with concave profile type have a prominent forehead, almost flat eye brows, smaller and straight or slightly inward curved or bent nose. They have a flat mouth and well formed chin that has an outward curve. These people are thought to be good natured and patient lot. They tend to judge over things intentionally.

· Plane: The plane profile type neither have the intentional character of the concave type or the demanding nature of the convex type. They have a consistent character and a balanced state of mind.

· Concave-Convex: This profile has individuals with a concave upper part and lower convex facial part. These people tend to be of very weak character and are often impulsive in nature. They tend to be very unreliable people.

· Convex-Concave: The upper face in convex and the lower face is concave. These people are said to have a dominating and ruling personality. They are also associated with the intentional and persistent nature of the concave profile.

Forehead Shape
You can learn many things about a person's thinking style if you know the face reading techniques related to the forehead. The following forehead tips will help you know more:

· Straight Forehead: These are known as progressive thinkers and follow a progressive style of thinking. They cannot think of a third point, until they understand the second point. They are mostly misunderstood in childhood as dumb kids though, they turn out to be intelligent. It is the progressive style that slows down their thinking and they do not have a fast reflex response. They have difficulty when working under pressure and need time to think progressively. Thus many times they tend to loose their control in situations like the last few minutes before their exam ends or in case of deadlines.

· Slopped Forehead: These people are fast thinkers and so quick they tend to complete your sentences before you finish. They are easily bored with people with straight forehead as they cannot slow down to match their speed. You can find basketball players and football players with slopped foreheads as they are quick and fast. They are also quick decision makers and thus tend to get caught in a lot many wrong decisions.

· Curved Forehead: These are very creative people and do not like restrictions thrust on them. They love to use their imagination and hate to do maths and accounts. They are very good with arts and areas related to creativity and imagination. The curve of their head tends to occupy a large section of their brain, thus are very intelligent and you may find many geniuses in among them.

The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul and you can learn a lot with the help of face reading techniques of the eyes. If someone has prominent eyes you can conclude that they are bright and happy and you may consider the person as a kind hearted, friendly and approachable individual. Small, shifty eyes indicate a nervous temperament. Small eyes may also indicate a perfectionist and attentive person.

Eyes that are close set tend to show good concentration power. Uneven set eyes show the person has a different look out at things from different perspectives. Wide set eyes indicate a broad minded and tolerant person and have a little regard for figures of authority. Narrow set eyes indicate a narrow minded person.

The upward slanting eyes show an opportunistic person and someone who gets what he wants. People with deep set eyes are intense, progressive and observant. They are usually into creative and writing fields. You can even learn more about a person by the way he or she looks, whether a warm hearted person or cold and cruel nature or an amorous lover.

The face reading techniques in respect to the eye brows also reveal a lot about a person. If a person has weak or thin eye brows, he tends to be indecisive and has may lack slightly in self confidence. Bushy eyebrows indicate assertiveness and strong personality. Unibrow shows an intense persistent and these people tend to be jealous and possessive in nature. They are introverts and tend to think a lot.

The shape of the different types of noses are very important trait in face reading techniques. A person with high, straight, full and fleshy tip that has a gently flared but protected nostrils is thought to be the ideal nose shape. The fleshy tip is a symbol of warmth, cordiality and a deep sense of empathy. They have high standards set for themselves and are basically good mannered souls.

People with big or over sized nose tips indicate violent streaks and a larger nose tips shows that a is more prone to violent acts. An aquiline nosed person is a strong willed, independent and enterprising individual. An upturned nose indicates someone who loves to mix with people around him.

The face reading techniques for mouth shape also helps in learning more about a person. Small shaped mouth shows a tendency of being feminine and men with small mouth tend to be shy and not very manly in their ways. Large mouth shows a talkative person and the width indicates the generosity of character.

Thin top lips and full bottom lips indicate people who cannot reciprocate in a relationship. And full top lip and thin lower lip shows an over giving person. Caring and sensitive nature is indicated by full round lips and small lips mean a self centered personality. Lips that are curved upward indicate an optimistic person and downward curve shows a hard to please person.

In face reading techniques, a strong jawline is indicative of a very strong value system in a person. They are quick to judge and have high stamina as well as endurance power. These people tend to be stubborn. Weak jawline indicates weak personality and weak willed person. They are easily influenced by others and tend to live life according to terms set by others. People with a wider jawline than the ear line indicate a highly competitive person. They hate loosing and do not tolerate competition.

Wrinkles, something all women dread, is a useful face reading techniques. The crow's feet or wrinkles around the eyes indicate an open hearted person. They are also called as joy lines as these people tend to spread happiness wherever they go. Vertical frown lines between the eyes show a logical, hardworking and a very decisive individual. The purpose lines, that is, lines extending from the nose to the mouth are indicative of people that are walking on the right path of life.

These are just a few face reading techniques that will help you learn a bit more than you can see in a person. Face reading techniques is not an exact science. You need to learn and understand a lot before you can claim to be a face reading expert. Face reading is just like palm reading, you can never claim it to be exact and totally true, but you always tend to believe by giving it the benefit of doubt. Reading a face like an open book is not an easy task and you require a lot of talent to decipher the truth behind the mask. You can always find a kernel of truth with the help of the above free face reading techniques. Take it up as a hobby, you may never know when the face reading techniques help you out of a sticky situation.
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