What is the most interesting fact that I know and you don't, but you should?

Sunday 4 September 2016 0 comments

An Interesting Fact about Dream
You can introduce new characters into other persons dream while they are asleep.

Yes, you heard it right!

Our surroundings, temperature, environment, noises etc., have a lot of impact on our dreams.

This has been well depicted in the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan.

Cobb(Leonardo), goes into a state of deep sleep dreaming. After some time, some goons start approaching the location where Cobb, Arthur were staying, burning and trashing down the houses.

Arthur tries to wake Cobb by beating and shouting, but Cobb was already in a deep state of dream and not able to wakeup.

Arthur then says to kick Cobb, then Cobb falls in water along with the chair. As shown in the below image;

When Cobb was hitting water in the real world, he sees huge water splashing from nowhere into building in the dream. Refer below image;

This is also applicable to real life dreaming. Using, this technique we can introduce new characters into other persons dream.

When, a person is sleeping approach him and spell out few names/characters the person and you know in common, without waking up the person. If the person is dreaming, the chances of new characters entering into the persons dream are very high.

This way we can control others dreams to some extent.

Great depiction by the legend - Christopher Nolan.

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