9 Signs That You’re Dating a Sociopath

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9 Signs That You’re Dating a Sociopath

How do you know when you’re in a relationship with the wrong person? Sometimes, you can’t tell when you’re in such a relationship, as love can often blind you. However, this article may help to look at things objectively and identify if you are indeed in a relationship with a Sociopath.

1. They are motivated solely by their own personal desires.
Basic human needs like food, water or money are what drives them. If you talk to them about making the world a better place, they won’t be motivated. In a relationship context, only things like money, sex, food or whatever you can offer them are interesting to them.

2. They are highly manipulative. 
This is usually done when they pray on your emotions. They find your weak spots, take advantage of them. They socially isolate you from your friends and even family, not allowing you to to go anywhere (e.g. the grocery shop) without letting them know and gaining their approval first. This behaviour sees the strength of your relationships with other people diminish, thus resulting in you needing your partner more.

3. They don’t walk the walk.
They will tell you one thing, but do another. Or they will say how they hate certain things, but allow those things into their life. They tell you their grand plans, but none of this shows in their actions. (This is a very obvious moral contradiction). This can be confusing and disorienting, especially when they’re being hypocritical. For example if they tell you they hate when you’re late to dates and it shows that you have no respect for them, but will often be late or even reschedule plans with you. (with no valid explanation or apology)

4. They lack sympathy. 
Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s emotions. They certainly understand your emotions, they just have no sympathy for you. When you’re feeling sad, they simply do not see it as something that should concern them, but rather as an opportunity to exploit your perceived weakness.

“A personal example of this for me is when my Grandmother went to ER with stomach troubles and was rushed in for emergency surgery as it was quickly diagnosed that she had severe stomach and uterine cancer. I saw her an hour after she came out of surgery, and seeing her laying there with blood soaking through the hospital sheets was an extremely distressing situation for me. I got home and cried for hours, in the middle of this my partner walked into the room and did not ask me how I was, or how grandma was doing after surgery, my partner did not hug or comfort me. Instead my partner told me that she’s suicidal, and walked back out of the room.” – contributor’s story. Things such as this, if they were isolated incidents, could be due to outside stress. However, when this is a recurring theme where your partner has no concern for your feelings, it may suggest deeper issues.” – contributor’s story

5. They don’t take responsibility.
Sociopaths commonly are narcissistic, they do not believe that they are ever at their fault no matter their obvious guilt. When confronted on their behaviour and asked to change their ways, they will say yes, anything to keep you. However there will be no changes, this is a continuous cycle of mistreatment and manipulation.

6. Insults. 
Their jabs don’t always have to be direct. Let’s say you’re wearing an outfit similar to another person both of you encounter. Your partner might make a comment about how ugly and gross the other person’s clothes are, and if you confront them, they will accuse you of being paranoid and play the victim.

7. You’re always guilty.
You are the one who is at fault for every mishap, your partner will never admit when they are wrong. They will turn around every situation, become the victim when they’re clearly not. In the end, you are the one apologizing.

8. They project their insecurities.
On you and everyone else. This is part of their narcissism and a tool of manipulation in one package. Sociopaths will try to look all mighty, trying to look perfect or at least, better than the rest.

9. They can adapt themselves.
In all the negative ways, they will adapt to the situation and to you if need be. I experienced this first hand, with my ex yelling at me, making me shut up, playing with my emotions. Of course, I lashed out, and in response to my anger, he promised to change. So much for change, he actually begin to be even MORE manipulative, he made me even more insecure than before.
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