8 Practically Possible ways to Be a More Likeable Person

Saturday 6 February 2016 0 comments

8 Practically Possible ways to Be a More Likeable Person


How to be a more Likeable Person

Interesting ways to be a more likeable person

1. Be polite – say, please and thank you, and pay attention to your tone of voice.

2. Compliment others. Notice when they are kind or thoughtful, do something well, have a different haircut, are wearing something eye catching, and so on.

3. Listen before you speak. You’ll learn more and you’ll convey the message that you’re genuinely interested in the other person.

4. Be genuine, honest and reliable. That conveys the message that you’re trustworthy. (But remember to be sensitive and tactful, too.)

5. Be willing to say “I’m sorry.” After all, everyone makes mistakes or upsets others, without meaning to, at times.

6. Smile and laugh often.

7. Be co-operative, adaptable, and willing to work alongside others.

8. Be non-judgmental and tolerant of others’ views, outlooks, expectations, beliefs, and ways of seeing and doing things.
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