10 Interesting Psychology Facts About Female Attraction

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10 Interesting Psychology Facts About Female Attraction


Best Facts on Female Attraction

10 Facts About Female Attraction

This article contains psychological information and facts about female attraction in heterosexual relationships. Like all psychological findings, they represent generalizations and do not reflect everyone. Different people are attracted to different things. Read on if you’re interested.


1. When you ovulate, you prefer masculine-looking men; the rest of the month, you will prefer men with softer features.

Evolution? Masculine features can be associated with reproductive fitness, whereas softer features associated with more social and caring behaviour.

2. You are less attracted to men who have a belly.

Science? A large amount of abdominal fat indicates that an individual has lower levels of testosterone (along with low fertility and lower sex drive).

3. You are more attracted to men with a strong sense of humour.

Evolution? A strong sense of humour is generally associated with intelligence and honesty– traits that signify a better mate.

4. Taking birth control pills makes you less attracted to men with more pronounced masculine features.

Biology? Birth control affects a woman’s hormone levels make them less attracted to men with masculine features.

5. Seeing other women smiling at a man will make you feel that he is more attractive.

Evolution? Highly desirable individuals would have been high in demand due to his reproductive fitness and assumed capability of being a good mate.

6. You will favour and give more attention to your more attractive children.

Pre-existing bias? Mothers inherently assume that those children will have better traits and be more social, and the extra attention leads to them actually exhibiting better traits and confidence in socialized behaviour more than their less attractive siblings.

6. You are more attracted to taller men.

Evolution? Tall men have greater reproductive success than shorter men– due to their greater ability to attract mates. Furthermore, taller men are seen as more authoritative given them an upper advantage in business.

7. You find men with deeper voices more attractive than those with higher voices.

Biology? Signifies testosterone levels, reproductive health, etc.

8. You are more attracted to older men, rather than younger ones.

Evolution? Older men can be seen as being more capable of fathering children for their entire adult lives securely, due to the higher chances of him already having more resources in comparison to a younger competitor.

9. You are more likely to be attracted to a man that smells and/or looks like your father.

Biology? Sexual imprinting:  learning the characteristics of a desirable mate when you are young, through familiarity.

10. You are more attracted to a man that has strong shoulders, a narrow waist, and broad chests and shoulders.

Evolution? The ideal hunting physique: these characteristics make up the ideal mate suited to take care of you and your offspring by fending off threats, as well as providing you with food.

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