Experiment To Find Whether He is Interested in You or Not

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Experiment To Find Whether He is Interested in You or Not


Psychological Experiment to find out whether he is interested in you or not.

Humans are Different creatures who do not always say what they mean, nor mean what they say. That’s why actions definitely do speak louder than words.

Here is the one Experiment follow step by step carefully.

Step 1: Take a white paper.

Step 2: write the name of the boy in the top of the paper.

Step 3: Make list of below questions. If the answer is yes put a correct mark and if the answer is no for the question put a cross mark to the question.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and write yes or no beside the questions.

P.S: if you want to make it more easily. Remember these questions and meet him and observe him then write down the answers.

Q1. Is he makes a lot of eye contact with you?

(Looking at people when you talk to them is not just a sign of respect. Rather, it’s also a sign of interest. Does he look your way across a crowded room? If that’s the case, he is probably curious about you and wants to observe the things you do.)

2. Is he smiles when he talks to you?

(According to history, smiling was a way to show strangers that you are not a threat. Today, we smile to attract others and appear likeable. Think of the people that we tend to smile for. This includes people that are close and familiar to us.)

3. Is he remembers the small details of your conversations?

(Does he remember the names of your childhood pets? Your siblings and friends? That time when you went to summer camp in 6th grade? When he listens and remember the things you say, he is making an effort to get to know you better.)

4. Is he asked you about your romantic life/history?

(When he asks about your love life, he wants to know what type of guys you are interested in and the qualities you are looking for in a significant other. Pay attention if he asks you about other guys. Maybe he is trying to show you that he is a better fit for you than they are.)

5. Is he makes an effort to get along with your friends?

(He can remember who your best friends are and how you became friends with them. He knows their unique quirks and the three things they would take to a desert island if they were stranded there. When a guy tries to get to know your friends better, he wants them to think well of him because he knows that they are the ones you’ll talk to about him.)

6. Is he introduced you to his friends?

(He is not shy to talk about you in front of his friends and doesn’t mind that they try to embarrass him when you’re around. He wants you to meet his friends to show that he is a friendly, social guy. When he lets you meet his friends, he is welcoming you to see another side of him and be a part of his life.)

7. Is he includes you in his plans?

(He may drop hints saying that he is free on a certain night and ask you if you want to do something together. If you have known each other for a longer time, you may hear “I” statements turn into “we” statements. What are we doing this weekend?)

8. Is he compliments you?

(He notices your new haircut and says that it look good on you. He says he likes your sense of style, or the way you think. When he compliments you, he is trying to stay on your good side. At the same time, this shows that he is learning to appreciate things about you that he didn’t see before.)

9. Is he does nice things for you, without being asked.

(He plans a surprise party for all your close friends and family on your birthday with all your favorite foods. When you’re having a bad day, he brings you small treats and tries to make you laugh. His thoughtfulness shows that he cares about you. When he does these nice things for you, it’s because he genuinely wants to, not because he is forced to.)

10. Is he finds excuses to be near you.

(When both of you are in the company of other people, does he angle his body in your direction or try to sit close to you? When we meet people for the first time, we tend to keep our distance from them. As we get to know them better, we allow them into our personal space. The same goes for people we are interested in. We approach the ones that we are curious about.)

11. Is he makes time for you, and shows it.

(Everyone is busy nowadays but if someone wants to see you, they will make time for you. He has a jam-packed schedule filled with client meetings and paperwork, but manages to call you up regularly. Even when he is busiest, he sends you something to let you know that he is thinking of you.)

12. Is he finds reasons to touch you.

(Learn to read his body language. It may be as subtle as an “accidental” hand graze as he brushes past you. Or it can be something more obvious. Does he put his arm around you during a movie?)

13. Is he listens to you.

(He is all ears when you tell him about how your day went. He listens actively and does not interrupt when you tell him about your feelings whether they are negative or positive ones. When you give your opinion about something, he clearly respects it, even if it differs from his own.)

14. Is he seems to be acting different or strange.

(This point relates to the above. When he begins thinking of you of more than just a friend, he may start acting differently. You may in fact find him to becoming strange. He might start acting nicer, complimenting you more often, or doing nice things for you. The total opposite may happen too where he’s confused of his feelings or don’t want his feelings to become stronger. This leads him to avoiding you or becoming mean to you for no reasons.)

Step 4: list out the entire yes and no’s and count. If you got the maximum answers for the questions are yes then there is no doubt he is interested in you.

Hope this experiment is helpful.

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