Three Miracle Attitudes that Guarantee Fulfillment No Matter What

Monday 8 September 2014 0 comments

When you adopt one of the miracle attitudes, you get to feel fulfilled regardless of what is happening around you.  Even extreme misfortune is no match for the miracle attitudes. 


This cannot be said for ordinary positive attitudes.  Another huge bonus of the miracle attitudes is that they are interchangeable. You can move back and forth among them to discover which is most fitting for whichever situation.

What are these miracle attitudes?


I am grateful-miracle-attitude-gratitude Regardless of your external situation, even if very unfortunate, you can always find something to be grateful for. Why is this true? Because there is always a worse scenario than the one you are in, if you are still alive.

Gratitude for what you have, or how lucky you are, is an instant cure for a bad mood. As soon as you realize you can be grateful, your spirits lift and you begin to see life differently. Again, there is rarely, if ever, a circumstance when gratitude is not an option.


I can’t think of one situation that compassion would not improve. In fact, compassion may be the universal salve. And it is always available.

Even Victor Frankl, who lost his entire family to the Nazis and endured years of torture in a concentration camp, found compassion in the midst of his darkest days. In fact, he refused to judge his captors, the murderers of his family, and found freedom and strength in his compassion for them.


Hope is a special attitude because you can muster hope regardless of external circumstances and hope is its own reward. You can lack faith, lack belief and lack all evidence, but hold onto hope.

Hope is not useful merely when the odds are against you, however. You can fill yourself with hope that things will turn out for the best in every situation. Doing so will put you in the right mental state to guarantee greater fulfillment.  The arch-enemy of the miracle attitudes is self-sabotage. Self-sabotage steers you in the opposite direction of happiness and would have you choose the least healthy option.miracle-attitudes-positive-mindset-gratitude-hope 
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