10 Ways to Create Peace of Mind

Tuesday 9 September 2014 0 comments

Combine the physiological makeup of the human body with the demands of work, family, and other obligations, and we have the recipe for one batch of perpetual restlessness. To attain the peace of mind that makes us feel centered, safe, and focused, here are 10 ways to help you create the inner peace you seek.


1: Try a 5-Minute Meditation.

Here’s a quick an effective stress reliever! Set your phone, watch, or whatever you like for a 5 minute period. Close your eyes, take deep breaths from your diaphragm and focus on the present moment. Continue for 5 minutes. Remember, you are not trying to “think about nothing,” but rather to gently acknowledge thoughts as they arise with each inhalation and let them go as you exhale.

2: Go for a Meditative Walk.

Sunshine and fresh air is magic for your frame of mind. Focus on your breath and feel the motion of your body as you step. Listen to the sounds of nature and the environment around you.

3: Listen to Relaxing Music.

Do you have a favorite music artist that just resonates with you? Music has a powerful effect on our mindset, as anyone who works out or studies while listening to music can tell you.

4: Get creative.

If you have a friend who is an artist, ask them what goes through their mind when they are performing their craft. Odds are you are going to get an answer like “Nothing,” “Complete focus,” or “Peace.” Any craft – from writing and blogging to sketching and painting – has a very powerful effect on our mind.

5: Help someone in need.

This is good for the soul and for keeping a peaceful, positive mindset. There are many people who could use a helping hand.

6: Lose yourself in a book.

An engaging read engages and expands your mind. When focused on a good book, your mind relaxes and brings a peaceful ambiance to your being.
7: Get into nature.

Our world is incredible in its diversity and natural attraction. Something as simple as sitting under a tree or relaxing by a river can have a calming, relaxing effect on your mind.

8: Stretch.

When we work or expend any kind of effort, our body becomes tense.  A quick stretch of your arms, legs, and other areas of your body is relaxing and can bring peace of mind.

9: Be truthful.

This means resisting the temptation to tell “little white lies” and other untruths. Telling the truth reduces stress, promotes peace, and is just the right thing to do.

10: Do nothing at all.

You read that correctly – do nothing. We all work hard and need to take some time once in a while to simply be. Sit or lay down and simply be present.
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