Is Spirits Scientifically Possible

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Basically the Paranormal doesn’t exist, but wait! If this is undoubtedly true, then history doesn’t exist either. The reason for this hypothesis is that history can only be believed through the practice of documentation or word-of-mouth.


Yes, events in history have left clues, like artifacts, but others have no trail of evidence whatsoever. This is why the paranormal is likely to be just as real. Many scientists and atheists definitely believe in historical events, and they will stand firm in their beliefs.
Basically, the paranormal can have just as much right of existence as history. Since the paranormal is pretty much impossible to prove, just like history, then substantial evidence is the only way to understand spirits.

There is, however, scientific reason that leaves doubt in the minds of skeptics. There may, in fact, be signs of the afterlife within the confines of the science lab. This information draws attention to the likelihood of the existence of ghosts.

These clues are not pictures, recordings or sightings. The laboratory holds evidence that carries a bit more weight in theory. Yes, the paranormal could exist, and there are solid reasons to this idea.


Most people, who know anything at all about ghosts, will attest to the role of energy in the afterlife. Considering the body works by energy, traveling down your spine through the nervous system and moving throughout the brain, it can never truly be destroyed, only changed.

The body does, in fact, decompose, but that only means it transfers into another form. The body transforms, passes away into the earth bonding with surrounding physical structures and animals. With this being said, where does the life giving energy go when the vessel is destroyed?

 According to the law of physics, yes a law and not a theory, energy never dies. Some say that the energy within the brain is the vehicle of our personalities. If this is the case, then energy must travel to another place, and like the body, change into another composition. Sometimes this energy will hover around the area, still filled with thoughts of the dead.

Contacting renegade energy

If energy cannot be destroyed, and by fact, it cannot, then energy can become something different. If thoughts, feelings and personalities of the dead are forms of energy, then these same attributes of the living can connect with the dead.

Maybe, in fact, this is the reason why ghosts can be seen and heard by the living. If energy doesn’t know where to go, after the death of the body, then it can travel around the area that is familiar to it, thus haunting the living.

Sometimes, ghosts will stay within the home they once lived, even if it is empty. Yes, energy, if indeed found as thoughts and emotions, can very likely be attached to a dwelling or a living person.

Doubt and Belief

If you ask most scientists about the paranormal, they will say it does not exist. Over time, some of the skeptics in the field of science have started to change their minds. If ghosts are in the laboratory, then obviously there is doubt to this theory. 

As more and more witnesses confess about their sightings and encounters with the dead, it stands to reason that the paranormal, most likely in the case of the phantom, does, in fact, exist.
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