9 Ways To get rid of Depression

Sunday 17 August 2014 0 comments

Depression is a lonely experience, and for the brave one who does try to reach out, it's often greeted with more isolation and distance.


Depression makes most people uncomfortable. Those who aren’t depressed think, What do they have to be sad about? Why can’t they just see the bright side? Why are they always so down?

And for the one who is depressed, life is unbearable to navigate. It doesn’t matter how much you're loved. You feel like a burden to the world.

Here are nine powerful mantras to help anyone suffering from depression or sadness.

1. If you keep hope alive, it will keep you alive.

2. The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about.

3. Faith is seeing light in your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.

4. Out of difficulties will grow new beginnings; trust the process.

5. Hope is the in between place between the way things were and the way things will become.

6. One day the pain will make sense. There is a purpose to all pain.

7. Believe in the person you want to become.

8. Allow your past mistakes to guide you, not define you.

9. You don’t have to see the entire path, just take one step.
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