The Way You Walk Reveal about Your Personality

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The clothes you wear, the way your walk, your facial features, the tone of your voice, your body language, the music you prefer and your hobbies can say a lot about your personality. 

Walk reveal personality

Everything connected with someone shows different parts of his personality, and, having some knowledge of the relevant psychological topics, you can see what you have never noticed before.

For example, your gait not only reflects your personality, but also your current mood. If you feel happy, then, most likely, your gait will be energetic, and the speed of your walk will increase.

When people feel confident and bold, they move with big strides, and, as a rule, outrun their friends while walking. Some people have a lot of pressure on the ground when walking, but not because of the heavy weight, but because of their persistence in life.

Persistent people usually walk with heavy steps, strongly stepping on the surface. Persistence is a good sign, but it is worth noting that this type of gait can also be caused by a simple lack of flexibility.

Some people tend to move slowly, dragging their feet behind them, just like if they do not have the energy to move normally. Lack of energy usually reflects sad feelings or depression, but it also may be associated with a fear and uncertainty of what awaits the person in the future.

“Cat” gait in women is usually a sign that a person is just like trying to say: “Everyone, look at me”. The same is true for the men who walk as if they are models for the fashion show.
Walking with your hands in your pockets can be a sign that you are not satisfied with your self-esteem or the clothes you are wearing. If your head is up while walking, it could mean that you are in a good mood, while the head down most likely means that you are not feeling well.
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