8 Secrets to Make Children Smarter

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For today’s parents this desire is often made easier with the help of educational toys, technology, and a better understanding of brain processes through science.

Despite the publicity over mass media, there is no convincing scientific evidence that sophisticated toys are useful for more advanced development of children’s intelligence, compared to simple or similar toys. Below behaviors related to increased IQ score in children:

Smarter Children

1. Music Lessons

Taking music lessons, or learning to play a musical instrument is crucial for improved brain function, not only in children but also in adults. IQ scores increased to a small but consistent degree. Music stimulates all brain regions, affecting creation of synapses, thus the learning process. It is likely that singing and dancing are beneficial as well, since they require complex cognitive abilities like coordination, memory, motor skills, and emotional processes.

2. Exercise

This is beneficial in every possible way. Increased blood flow, improved cognitive ability, and a healthy cardiovascular system are the primary benefits of exercise. For kids exercise is as easy as letting them play. Don’t let them spend all day watching TV or playing video games.

3. Napping and appropriate sleep

 Napping helps reorganize the learning process and memories, children that take regular naps are able to remember more words accurately than those who didn't in verbal skills tests.

4. Willpower

It’s one key to individual success. Willpower comes from self-discipline, and discipline comes from habits, consciousness, and curiosity. Self-discipline is a good predictor of intelligence and satisfactory outcomes , even more than IQ. Consciousness plays a large role in self-discipline, always try to be a mirror, a source of consciousness for your child.

5. Learn by doing not watching

Babies are not smarter from watching videos. The same logic applies to adults, most of the time a video will not make us smarter. Any active learning is ideal, while passive learning derived from videos and television may be harmful.

6. Diet

A diet high in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats containing low sugar is ideal for better brain performance at any age. Caffeine and sugar can be brain boosters, but sugar since in large doses can be toxic to brain cells, and caffeine can adversely affect bone development in children.

7. Happiness

Happy kids are the most important facet of good parenting. Physical and emotional development,performance,satisfaction and stability are only a few scores improved by happiness. Careful and loving affection and attention are some of the most tangible ways to make a child happy. Making a child happy can be the easiest thing in the world, children are magical in their simplicity.

8. Peer group

Pay attention to your child’s peer group, with whom they hang out, and what they like. Your neighborhood, home life, social life, and religious activity, extended family, and chosen school will all have a significant effect on your child and how they see the world.
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