8 Unexpected Facts About Human Attraction

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What Psychologists Say About Human Attraction

The psychology of human attraction is an interesting area, it’s dependent on several factors including reproduction, positive association, and more. Science teaches us about forces that draw us to others.

Human Attraction

1- Limbal ring rivet

This is the dark circle around your iris that enhances the whiteness and brightness of the whites of your eyes. A group of people were asked by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, to rate sets of faces that were identical except for the eyes. The results showed those with prominent limbal rings were considered more attractive, the reason being that a dark ring is a mark of youth and health. It is also found that if you stare into a person’s eyes for more than an hour, you are likely to develop a feeling of love and attraction.

2- Age of parents

A study at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, found that when a person is born to parents in their 30s he is more likely to prefer older faces, more than those born to parents in their 20s. The study found that women with older parents liked older, wrinkled faces more and the same was found in younger men. A male’s mother’s age influences his attraction to older women.

3- Deeper Voice

Men with deeper voices are found more attractive. Human attraction factor has much to do with our innate inclination towards the difference in appearance between the male and female species. Women often prefer masculine men, and many men prefer delicate, feminine women.

4- Birth control pills can control attraction

One study found that oral contraceptives influenced women’s opinions to feel less attractive. It was also found that the pill may divert preferences of a woman to financial security and intelligence. Scientists also found that men are more attracted to women when they are more fertile.

5- Love is in the air

Men have odorless testosterone in their sweat called androstadienone, when women breathe this in they give higher ratings of attractiveness to men than they would otherwise. After 15 minutes of inhaling the odor women become more alert and happy, per a study by Claire Wyart at the University of California, Berkeley.

6- Body language

On average, a woman is approached by 4 men in a singles’ bar, according to Monica Moore in her study at the University of Missouri. This is due to body language, and 35 gestures including smiling, lifting eyebrows, darting glances, arm flexes, hair flicking, neck caresses, and movement of legs. Women who sit doing nothing are usually not approached. Men feel comfortable when women express some interest through body language.

7- Wearing red

We all are attracted to the color red, it increases chances of being asked out on a date, and of having men spend money on her, per studies from the University of Rochester. Women are perceived as more sexually receptive while wearing red. Researchers have found single women who wore different shades of red and posted their photos on online websites were twice as likely to be interested in casual sex than those wearing other colors.

8- Symmetrical faces have an advantage

Symmetrical faces are found more attractive and to catch the eye more than others. Symmetrical faces are symbol of healthy development, fertility, and a prime mating companion.
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