8 Amazing ways to heal your mind

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People are spending less and less time enjoying the outdoors and nature with every passing year. Here are 10 of the most remarkable ways in which being outside, in nature, can heal the mind.

heal your mind

1. Feel more alive

Being inside all the time gives you a dead, flat feeling.Being in nature, though, makes people feel more alive, which several studies have confirmed.

It’s not just about the extra amount of exercise people get when they’re in nature, it has its own special effect.

2. 50% more creative

Going into nature for an extended period can have remarkable effects on creativity.A recent study had participants take a four- or six-day trip into the wilderness.

3. Reduce acute stress

The Japanese are big fans of walking in the forest to promote their mental health.The practice is called shinrin-yoku, which literally means ‘forest bathing’.

One study conducted by Japanese researchers has found that the practice is particularly useful for those suffering acute stress.

4. Ease dementia symptoms

Gardens in care homes may have therapeutic benefits for those suffering from dementia, according to a review of 17 separate studies.

Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School found that gardens reduced patients’ agitation, encouraged activity and promoted relaxation.

5. Improve memory

Short-term memory can be improved 20% by walking in nature, or even just by looking at an image of a natural scene.

Marc G. Berman and colleagues at the University of Michigan wanted to test the effect of natural scenery on cognitive function .

6. Greater sense of belonging

A small study of 10 children from a mostly Christian background found that those who spent more time outside felt more humbled by nature’s power as well as feeling a sense of belonging in the world.

Being outdoors more also enhanced the children’s appreciation of beauty.

7. Increase self-esteem

All kinds of exercise in nature can boost your self-esteem. And it’s surprising how little you have to do to get the boost.

8. Help your brain work in sync

Tranquil natural scenes, like a seascape, cause vital areas of the brain to work in sync, according to researchers at the University of Sheffield. By contrast, man-made environments like roads disrupt connections within the brain.
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