10 Amazing Aura Boosters

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Unfortunately we're living in an epidemic of depression and various aura disorders. Too many of us are wake up tired, aura and feeling low about life. Most health practitioners will tell you that aura disorders are the most prevalent condition in their practices, with a staggering number of clients on anti-depressants. Here are a few natural aura busters that may really help you before you make the choice to use medication.


1. Cut caffeine (coffee, sodas, energy drinks). The adrenaline from caffeine will effect your auras. If you're stressed or feeling low, this can have drastic effects.

2. Cut processed and packaged foods. They are inflammatory in the body, which will inevitably have a negative effect on your auras, not to mention some devastating long-term health effects.

3. Cut artificial sweeteners. Evidence shows that aspartame is linked to aura disorders.

4. Add a portion of protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates to your plate. These macronutrients help to keep our blood sugar levels stable. When our blood sugar levels drop, so does our aura! Good fats and complex carbs also help to make hormones and neurotransmitters in the body that help make you feel good- serotonin!

5. Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol is associated with aura disorders. Oh yes it is!

6. Cleanse. When our gut and liver are clogged from excess drinking, sugar, and an overall toxic load, our body struggles to make the feel-good hormones such as serotonin. Serotonin is actually made in the gut. So reduce your toxic load and give your body a break from the nasty chemicals with a seasonal cleanse.

7. Drink more water! Dehydration can cause fatigue and agitation.

8. Exercise is a natural aura lifter! Move your body in your favorite ways!

9. Schedule some downtime. When we're stressed and overwhelmed, our auras tend to be low. Dedicate a few minutes a day to you and REST. This will really lift you up!

10. Sleep 8 hours. Sleep = repair. When we feel rested, we're happier people.
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