Ultimate Myths about Exercising

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Ultimate Myths about Exercising

Here are some interesting myths about the Exercising

6 Exercising Myths

1. If you’re not sweating then it doesn't count. All forms of exerciseare good for the body. If you’re sweating it just means that the body’s cooling down.

2. Stretching prevents injuries. This is a very common exercising myth. In fact, it’s general warm ups that prevent us getting injured (like gentle jogging or some jumping jacks).

3. No pain no gain. Although it’s normal to feel pain when you’re exerting yourself, exercise need not be painful if it’s part of a regime. In fact, pain may be a sign that you have injured yourself.

4. Workouts turn fat into muscle. Fats and muscles have different cell structures so you can’t turn fat cells into muscle cells! What you are changing is the body’s ratio of muscle to fat.

5. The more exercise the better. Half an hour day will help keep your body in good shape. You don’t have to do hours and hours of exercise. Also, be aware that high amounts can undermine the immune system. Hence, be sure to rest between your times of exercise.

6. Cardio burns more calories. It’s generally assumed that a cardio workout like jogging, kickboxing, and going for a cycle, are the most efficient ways of burning excess calories. However, other types of exercise (like lifting weights) can increase your metabolism for about a day - so those have a beneficial long term effect.
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