Myths about being Relationship with Money

Thursday 29 May 2014 0 comments

In most of our lifetimes, we have never seen so much financial chaos, economic doom and gloom and fear about the world’s economy. 


Every newscast and financial statistic reported presents another economic woe to worry about.  

Clearly, there is something drastically wrong with the relationship the world has with money. If there is anything we can learn from this financial turmoil, it would be to have a new relationship with money. Let’s explore current misconceptions around money and look at how we can perceive money in a more conscious and holistic way.

Money Myths:

Let’s take a look at common money myths and beliefs and then re frame them in a more conscious and positive way:

·         Money is the root of all evil. False, greed is.

·         Money can’t buy you happiness. True, happiness is a choice. Prosperity consciousness, however, can bring you freedom since you won’t be obsessed money.

·         Money does not grow on trees. Well, yeah, but always being tight fisted reflects a lack of abundance rooted in fear.

·         Money makes the world go around. Maybe before but not now! We need to honour other currencies such as the ‘currents’ of love, empowerment and joy.

·         Save your pennies for a rainy day. Since money is really energy, there will be an ebb and flow to it in our life. When we save money we don’t want to come from an energy of hoarding or fear but rather that is it a wise thing to do. Hold the belief that your savings attract more abundance to you.

·         You can’t be spiritual and have money. Not true. Taking a vow of poverty is a religious tenet not a spiritual one. As we become more conscious, we realize that abundance is our spiritual birthright. Transforming consciousness can require money or prosperity; for example, the capital necessary for Al Gore to make the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

·         Time is money, a phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin. Let’s not be arrogant with ‘my time is so valuable you owe me big time’ but rather we have enough time to have abundance everywhere in our life.

Money is Energy:

A more conscious way to regard money is that it is neither good nor bad – it is just how you use it. Money is really energy and how you view it will determine your level of prosperity.  

Too much or little money will take you off your path. If you are worrying about paying the rent, you may not have much time for your spiritual journey. If you have too much money, your focus could be very materialistic.

When we are truly ‘rich’ we will have enough money to carry out our life’s purpose with ease and comfort so that we can focus on putting our vision into action.

Let Money Flow:

Did you know that the root of the word affluence comes from the French word ‘affleure’ which means to flow? There is a natural rhythm of ebb and flow with money in our life. The challenge is to be able to adjust to it. When we are in an upward cycle, practice gratitude and keep opening to more.

When we are in downward cycle, we can be prudent about spending without going into scarcity or fear. Things always turn around. Even this great recession will. Eventually, people will have to buy the things they have been putting off. When there our blocks around money for you, ask where do you want more energy to flow in your life?

Let’s hope that many things will be learned from this global financial crisis and that humankind will develop a more conscious and sharing approach with money. May we truly come from abundance for all and learn that greed and fear are destructive. There are more important currencies in the world than money – may the currents of love, empowerment and abundance shape the destiny of our planet.
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