How to Spawn Miracles in Your Daily Life

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“There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Miracle in Daily Life

Where do you fall along what I call “Einstein’s Miracle Spectrum”? Do you wish you could live as if everything that happens in your life truly is a miracle?  If so, I think paying attention to your inner voice gives you the perfect place to start.

By nurturing your inner voice (or what some call a “gut feeling”), you are strengthening your intuition – your best guide to creating a life you love.

When you honour your intuition, you will see all kinds of incredible events unfold that will create a life you love.

You will be aware of an astonishing number of so-called coincidences and you will experience life as a constantly unfolding miracle.

The Breakdown That Led to a Breakthrough

Earlier this year I felt so lost. I felt like all these bad things were happening and I couldn’t understand why.

One night I woke up in a panic and I asked God, the Universe, whoever would listen, “Why is this happening?!”

The very clear answer I got was, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

I knew the voice didn’t mean “here” as in my bed. I knew it meant something much bigger and deeper.

A Little Backstory

Before I get into that more, let me back up a little further: A little over two years ago I decided to start my coaching business as a side gig. I still loved midwifery more than anything and at the time I couldn’t imagine giving up that job. I loved caring for the women and  the salary and benefits the work provided for my family.

And while I still love helping women bring their babies into the world, I never really enjoyed all the bureaucratic aspects of my job.

As I “became my own boss” in my business, I bristled more and more with the expectations my employer had of me as an employee at the hospital.

Couple that with a downturn in the economy and severe cutbacks, and about this time last year I knew that my days as a staff midwife were numbered.

But my husband is seriously underemployed and doesn’t have health insurance. The steady income and the health insurance are things I ALWAYS provided for my family. How would we be able to survive without my staff/salaried/benefitted position?

I knew that I didn’t want to stay on staff at the hospital, but I believed that our family needed the “security” that my job provided.  I thought my coaching business and writing career could support us, but I had no guarantees. . . which led me back to wondering why I couldn’t just be happy with my job at the hospital. It wasn’t that bad, was it??

Those stressful thoughts are what led to my breakdown back in February. I couldn’t believe I was in such a bad place – overwhelmed by doomsday scenarios and too scared to think straight.

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

That’s when I learned that the breakdown is almost always followed by a breakthrough. It’s always darkest before the dawn, you know?

So here’s what happened. Along with all the dark fears, I’d also get a moment of clarity when I knew I should give up my staff position. BUT then the moment would pass and my heart would start racing again and I would be in tears thinking that I couldn’t possible leave.

And then I would get another flash of insight. It was like I was walking on a dark road and every once in a while a car would go by and its headlights would illuminate the path and show some sign, like a guidepost, and I would know again that I was on the right track. But the insights and the clarity always seemed so fleeting. I would get them and almost immediately I’d be back in the fear and despair.

What Do You Really, Really Want?

I couldn’t believe that I was in such an undesirable, untenable position. I couldn’t believe that I had been brought this far to fail. All I kept thinking was about what I didn’t want. At some point in the depths of that despair, I heard a small voice inside that said, “What do you want?”

My answer was “I want both my husband and I to do work that’s completely aligned with our life purpose. I want to do work I love, and be paid handsomely for it. I want to be free of hospital committee meetings that go on forever, focus on everything negative, and never accomplish anything positive. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I can figure this out.”

Once I got clear about what I did want, I started to get all these ideas about how I could make it happen and I now act with unwavering faith that I  can have everything I want.

Seeing the Magical “Whole”

Life will always have its challenges, but they really are there to help us focus on what we do want.

When we resist the challenges and judge them as “bad”, we effectively close the door on learning.  Instead, we can face challenges with openness and light. We can read the messages and learn from our inner guidance and grow.

When we learn from our challenges and live our lives with an appreciation of coincidences and their meaning, we are creating synchronicity – we are making a magical “whole” that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

How do you meet the challenges with openness for what they have to teach you about your life and what you most want?

Your Exercise, If You Choose to Accept It

Take five minutes at the end of the day (and every night from now on) and find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and think.

During this time think about what happened in the day that challenged you the most and ask, “What was that supposed to teach me? Can I find what was good and necessary about it?”

Then let go and let your intuition, your quiet inner voice, offer the answers. Then when the five minutes is up, write those answers down.

Keep doing this exercise. Sometimes it will be a challenge to get it done—but then you can ask yourself what that is supposed to teach you. And I guarantee that as you get better at reflecting on life’s lessons in calm moments, you’ll become better and better at seeing them more quickly as they confront you during the day.

You’ll become more adept at plugging into your intuition and trusting it to help you learn what you were supposed to learn. You may even find yourself enjoying challenges as they arise, knowing that whatever happens that challenge will connect you more deeply with your dreams. But it all starts with five minutes at the end of this day.
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