How to become confident in life

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This article is useful to move confidently in life by giving some positive words that will gain result in few days by providing some practical steps.  

confident in life

Is it actually imaginable to become confident?       
There will be a few problems  which make you to lose your confident but you have to manage your subconscious mind about all the problems then you will be more confident.

The subconscious mind always responds to the ideas with negative thoughts if any were found. For example your mind said something as “I am very confident about exams” then your mind might say “how can you more confident about exams as you were tensed of yesterday’s exam”

So how this can help you more confident in life go through this article?

Move a place where one can disturb you. Then remove all the thoughts in your mind, took a piece of paper and write on it “I am Confident”. Read it loudly what you wrote on the paper as many times till your mind stops sending you negative thoughts.

Now in this case you will find your unconscious mind recaps all the thoughts which was against the new statement you are giving it with

It’s so usual that you find negative phrases will arise in the form of inner talk like as:

“You are confident but you feel anxious around people”
“You are confident you are nervous to get afire”
“You are confident you fear to reach strangers”

 Note each of these questions and write it down till you make sure that you became awake of them all.

 Have you know what you just done? You note all your current list of fears and since your mind is one that activates the emotion of fear you can confidently guess that this list is definitely correct.

 Understand your fears to become confident in life.

Take in the omitted skills: If you have panic in certain situations like talking to unknown persons then take in the omitted skills that you lack in order to be able to feel more confident during that type of situations. The capping guide to getting over distress i said that anxiety is no more than a pain a person gets when he believes that he doesn't have the skills needed to do a certain problem successfully. Take in the omitted skills, master them and your anxiety will be over.

Expand an alternate plan: If you are tensed about the happening of a bad situation then expand an alternate plan that you will follow in order to something goes wrong. By this your mind will reassure even though you will be more confident in an all typical situations and can handle it.

Once you overcome all the list of panics that way you will be more confident and become fearless till a new panic enters in your life in future.
Becoming more confident in life is knowing all your worries and working on dealing with all of them together.
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