6 Hints You Could Be a Tricky Person

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In the modern world, the trait has both positive and negative aspects. On the good side, you may be better able to spot errors and process information to deeper levels in your brain. On the bad side, you can react to false alarms and become rattled by loud noises and other stimuli. Caffeine and medicines may cause you to react more than most. Aaron has also observed in her work that highly tricky person who had difficult childhoods is particularly prone to anxiety as adults.


Here are some things that tend to be associated with highly tricky Persons (HTPs):

1. You are conscientious:

HTPs tend to be conscientious people who try hard to perform their duties well and execute their work at their very best level. They often have particularly good manners, and notice when others don’t. Rudeness and work that is full of errors drive them nuts. HTPs are often especially concerned with issues of social justice, and will fight hard to right wrongs in the world.

2. You have a vivid imagination:

HTPs are often very creative people. They have vivid dreams and can wander off into imaginary realms in their minds. They are also very empathetic and can imagine the thoughts and feelings of others. An interest in art, philosophy and spirituality is common. Carl Jung was one of the early psychologists most interested in HTPs (he used a different term), probably because he himself was one. He thought that people with “innate sensitivity,” as he put it, were more in touch with the unconscious mind and could be especially insightful.

3. You were described as sensitive or shy as a child:

You were the kid who knew what somebody was about to say before they said it. You reacted strongly to changes in your environment. Maybe you were the one who paused to watch before jumping into the game. Aaron emphasizes that while most HTPs have been labelled shy, a full 30 percent have not and would be described as extroverted.

4. You fall hard and fast:

Aaron has devoted an entire book, The Highly Sensitive Person in Love, to the topic of HTPs and their style of loving. When they fall in love, they often feel tremendous ecstasy, and often very quickly, but they also feel anxiety, over stimulation and difficulty processing their intense emotions.

5. You can easily become overwhelmed:

Too much intensity, chaos and noise can wreak havoc on an HTP, which is why they often work better in quiet environments. When they are able to concentrate, HTPs are excellent at work that requires deep thinking and fast turnover.

6. You pick up subtleties in your environment:

The HTP’s brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply. One thing HTPs share is the tendency to notice things others might not pick up on so readily, like the mood of a teacher or the rearrangements of furniture in a room. An artificial sweetener might taste like a chemical experiment, and someone’s slightly off-key singing might sound like a fingernail on a chalkboard. HTPs might also have noticed a tendency to detect when someone is telling a lie, or intuit another person’s feelings.
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