The Mental Pain Of Choice

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Psychology of Choice

agony of choice

The agony of choice

Freedom of choice

China and North Korea are controlled and run by a dictator. From a Western perspective, it must seem terrible to be one of these countries. Resident Most things are restricted , people have little free will and freedom of choice  is limited. This sounds to the average person as a terror to live, but is this really the case?

In today's society, we can label as our best 'consumer', almost everything is a free choice. From a young age is about making choices. As a child, you probably will get the choice of your parents what sport you want to practice. When you get to high school, you probably have the idea to need. A mobile phone Good luck with your choice, chances are you can not see the forest trees.

As we age, will the choices we make more important and far-reaching to be. Which study you have to follow? What job would you pursue? Who are your friends? In daily activities, you will also encounter more and more choices, visit the supermarket you, and what products you buy there? Having all these capabilities as a human would have to make. Still happier

Barry Schwartz is this view. He claims that people in the Western world, not just have more freedom, but are paralyzed by all these choices. bigger the range from which you have to make, whether it be a car or a study, the more your choice in this society greater is the probability that you get a wrong choice makes. Due to the large supply you as a consumer would be better able to be the 'best' choice to make. So if you are on one or more characteristics of a product, a lesser choice is then ultimately there is only one person that you can blame them: you. Similarly, when you close a mobile subscription, as a good choice in many ways, is there still a slightly better choice . When you have this in mind, how can you be happy with your choice, because you've never made ​​the best choice.

The more is the better?

The more is the better, is ultimately a statement that does not go on. This is what Barry Schwartz ' the Tyranny of Choice 'calls. Why does it choose us unhappy?

1. People experience more regret a choice, and also anticipate here.

2. The time that people take to make their choice is never optimal given because the chances that you make the perfect choice is minimal.

3. People expect simply too much of the "choice" they make.

4. After making a choice, which is not revives the expectations that people have, they can only blame themselves give.

Research has shown that countries where freedom of choice is limited is, eg Denmark, happier people are. People here do not have a choice about their child, or their health insurance. These choices have all been taken by the government.
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