Procrastination Test

Sunday, 19 January 2014 1 comments

Procrastination Test

Procrastination Test

Are you a Procrastinator? Check here.

Test to check whether you are normal or procrastinating.

If you find yourself doing the following, then the chances are that you’re procrastinating:

1A. You fill your time with low priority tasks. That way it feels like you’re doing something – just not the most important stuff.

2A. You keep checking tumblr, facebook, your email messages … basically, anything that serves as a distraction from getting down to work.

3A. When you sit down to work, you get up almost immediately to get a coffee, a snack, to look for something you need, or to do something you’ve just remembered or thought about.

4A. You leave important stuff on your “to do list” for long periods of time – so you get into the habit of just ignoring it.

5A. You’re always waiting for the “right mood” so that you can really get started on those important tasks!  
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17 April 2014 at 07:55

I'll come back and read this later... when I have time... :)

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