6 Strange Psychological Disorders

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6 Strange Psychological Disorders

Here are the six strange Culturally Bound Disorders

1. Windigo Psychosis is the intense craving of human flesh and obsession that one is turning into a cannibal. This person may also complain of poor appetite, nausea and vomiting and become suicidal or homicidal. This disorder was reported among Northen Algokian of Indians.

2. Gururumba (“wild man”) episode begins with the person (usually male after marriage) going into homes and taking minor items which they think are valuable but really are not. They sometimes run off into the forest with these items and forget the whole event. They may appear hyperactive and clumsy in movement and show speech or hearing troubles. Gururumba was reported in New Guinea.

3. Saora Disorder is when people cry and laugh at inappropriate times, have memory loss, pass out and claim to feel like ants are biting. This is reported in the Saora tribe of Orissa State in India. The culture explains that the cause is of supernatural beings who want to marry them. However, professionals say it is more likely due to much social pressure and stressed.

4. Berserkrs Norse warriors who were reported in the Old Norse literature become almost like an ferocious beast. They would be in a daze, killing every person in sight (including family, friends or allies). The explained cause was poisoned food or spells used to heighten their fighting abilities.

5. Shenkui almost similar to hypochondriasis is when the sufferer complains of body pain when there is none. The sufferer would show heightened anxiety or panic symptoms. These symptoms include dizziness, backache, fatigue, general weakness, and insomnia  This disorder is found in China. They believe that it is due to excessive semen loss which causes an imbalance of one’s life energy.

6. Ghost sickness is where the sufferer shows abnormal fatigue (tiredness caused by nothing obvious), loss of appetite, and feelings of suffocation. The individual also have recurring nightmares and a pervasive feeling of terror. This case is reported in some Native American tribes. They believed that one with this sickness is possessed.

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