5 Confidence Tips to Help you Act like a SuperHero

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We all want to be like the confident characters from our favorite movies. Walking tall, beating up bullies, telling our employer how much we want, fighting crime with a cape, crawling on tall buildings, healing the weak humans with our blood & that kind of stuff.

I can't teach you a lot of things on that list but I can at least teach you to talk & walk tall like them. Here are 5 simple confidence tricks to help you act like a superhero.

1. Never Apologize

The first rule of Confidence is "never apologize for what you did, apologize for what you didn't do"

In Most scenarios, people just want you to apologize, they don't care what you apologize about.

When someone accuses you of something you're guilty off, be quick to offer an apology but don't offer the over used "I'm sorry" line.

"It won't happen again" works well and you get to keep your pride .

2. Take Active Control

In every gathering, do not wait to be called upon, assert your dominance early on.

You can do this by simply asking questions like "Where is the restroom".

In a meeting or a seminar, you can ask the speaker to repeat his last point. Making the speaker repeat himself, would get you immediate attention.

3. Always have an answer

Have you noticed how smart people always have an intelligent answer to any question. It doesn't come naturally to anyone, it takes practice.

If you want to come off as intelligent, Simply pick 3 intelligent general quotes and modify them to suit your personality.  If anyone asks you a question you have no answer just spin out your quote. Sacarsm works well if you prefer.

An example of this is if you're asked about your opinion on"The United State Government Shutdown" a perfect reply would be "The political parties shut down, You mean?

4. Fortify your personality

We are all born different, there is no perfect human being. If you doubt this, ask 5 people to describe the perfect human being.

Don't accept society labels. Labels such as "Gay" "Nerd" "Jerk" shouldn't define you.
Gay doesn't necessarily translate to effeminate. Nerd doesn't translate to social awkwardness.

Enjoy your passion confidently, just don't bore people with it. Remember it's your passion, The next person might not necessarily be passionate about it.

5. Improve your coordination

Confident people are not clumsy, they walk tall, talk like they've got it all figured out, a confident person rarely falls down stairs, they seem to have it all under control. This is called coordination.

You can improve your coordination by simply doing things at your own pace.

Don't rush down the stairs because a beautiful lady is waiting for you, walk like you are a present to the world. After all, that is what you are.

Start small, forget about your list of things you would like to change about yourself, select one thing you love about yourself & start improving on it, do it excellently and remember you are what you think you are.

Article By: Bello Olaniyi

(This article was written by Bello Olaniyi, a business graduate with a flare for personal development.)
Blog - prisonerofclass.com
Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/futureniyi
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