6 Tips to Make Small Talk at Parties

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6 Tips to Make Small Talk at Parties

Best tips to make small talk at parties

In order to survive in this beautiful world we have to make talk with the people around us.

How to Make Small Talk at Parties

What you should say and how you should act depends on the context and who’re you’re with … but here are a few general ideas:

1A. Smile – It’s welcoming, warm, and makes you seem more approachable.

2A. Compliment people all the time. Most people feel awkward and ill at ease. So try and find something that is worth complimenting. You’ll help them to relax and to feel more confident (and they’ll also feel more positive about, and around, you).

3A. Try and have a few stories up your sleeve that you’ve used before, and that make people laugh. This is really helpful when things go quiet, and the conversation dries up for a while.

4A. Say nice things about people you both know. It makes you seem trustworthy, and a loyal friend.

5A. Encourage people to talk about themselves by asking open questions – then probing a bit more. But stick to safe topics – and try to keep things light.

6A. Make sure you mingle well and don’t talk for too long. This takes off the pressure when you don’t know others well. It also make you look more confident and sociable.

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