13 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

Monday, 23 December 2013 4 comments

13 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

13 Ultimate Facts  About Your Brain

Did you know that your brain needs to make an effort when you laugh at a joke and 12 percent of our dreams are in black and white?

Let’s have a look at some amazing facts about the human brain: 

1. It’s not true that we only use 10% of their brains. Each part of the brain has a purpose.

2. Have a headache? It’s not your brain that hurts. There aren’t any pain receptors in your brain.

3. Your brain is the organ with the most amount of fat in your body – about 60 percent.

4. Wonder why you don’t act out your dreams? Your brain creates a hormone to stop you from doing this.

5. Most people have 4-7 dreams each night, 50% is forgotten five minutes after you wake up.

6. You are not dreaming if you snore.

7. They call it beauty sleep for a reason. This is when your brain files away all your memories during the day.

8. You can’t tickle yourself and laugh because your brain knows it’s your own touch – as opposed to someone else tickling you.

9. It takes some effort to laugh at a joke – five different areas in your brain are involved.

10. The brain is not the only place with brain cells, your heart and gut also have neurons – the phrase “Gut Feeling” .

11. Your brain makes up to 23 watts of power when you’re awake – enough for light bulb.

12. You have around 70,000 thoughts per day.

13. The slowest speed information passes around your brain is approximately 260 mph – that’s a the speed of the world’s superfast cars.

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25 December 2013 09:28

Was not aware of the Gut Feeling part.

25 December 2013 10:12

70,000 thoughts a day--how would you go about measuring such a thing? How would you even separate them if you're letting your mind wander for, say, twenty minutes straight in a constant stream?

25 December 2013 12:57

This all seems pretty hokey to me. Just because laughing uses x parts of your brain doesn't mean laughing takes "effort". Rather the opposite, it seems to me. "Neurons" are nerve cells, not just brain cells, so of course your body is full of them. You have an elaborate neural network in your gut but that has nothing to do with "gut feelings". And I sure can snore and dream at the same time.I have sleep apnea and was shown an EEG/respiration chart where my REM often coincided with snoring. And why shouild storing away memories be called "beauty sleep"?

I hate to be such a prig, but we deserve better from a site that claims to be "psychology with neuroscience."

30 December 2013 03:08

Why is there no sourcing. Also, how can anyone know with certainty that 12 percent of our dreams are in black and white. If there is something behind that, I'd just like to be pointed in the right direction. I don't enjoy following facts blindly.

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