7 Easy ways to get Motivated

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7 Easy ways to get Motivated

Best ways to get Motivated

Finding Your Motivation

Finding our motivation is a struggle we all face. The only reason we ever accomplish anything is due to motivation. So how do we develop one?

All our motivation is derived from two opposite ends, from what we’ve learned to consider as pain and pleasure, in other words positivity and negativity. Each of us however have our own pain and pleasure deep in our subconscious minds and most fail to realize this and continue living life without ever realizing.

Learning to use pain and pleasure to your advantage can help focus your attention on your motivation. How you do so is also important.

Easy ways to get motivated

1. Set goals – Set easy goals and build on them. The most common mistake that people make are: they try to take on too much or try to accomplish too many goals at once.  Start small; if you’re having a hard time getting started, it’s probably because you’re thinking too big.

2. Inspiration – Find people/things that inspire you, do research and how they and you want to achieve that goal.

3. Excitement – Getting excited helps you break that slump and helps you get started. Getting excited helps you visual and plan out how you want to start and how you will succeed.

4. Support – Get support, usually from someone who has the same goals in mind. It’s hard to accomplish something by yourself. Get help from family, friends, and real life or online, even all.

5. Commitment – This may sound obvious but don’t give up. If the motivation is just not here today, this week, this month, stick with it, it will come back. Remember how far you’ve come; think of what you’ve sacrificed, even if they’re small. Stay with it for the long run and know that you will get there.

6. Focus – Focus on all the benefits of your success, and less on the difficulties. A common problem people tend to have is that we focus more on difficulties and less on success. Just thinking you’re tired already makes you even more tired, but instead think of what will happen once you’ve done it and how you will feel after you’ve accomplished it.

7. Build on it (most important IMO) – Build on your small accomplishments. If you start small and constantly build on it you may find one day that you’ve accomplished way past your goals. It’s almost impossible to fail if you start ridiculously small.
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