The Meaning Behind Your Aimless Drawings

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The Meaning Behind Your Aimless Drawings
The Meaning Behind Your Doodles

Study yourself using your doodles(aimless drawings)

If you are drawing something in a paper aimlessly, if the drawing is one of the below objects or shapes. Then identify the shape of your drawing and know about yourself.

1. Boxes: desire to be constructive (synonyms: helpful, effective, practical, useful, positive)

2. 3-D Boxes: ability to see all sides of an issue

3. Triangles: one who’s mind is logical/rational, desire to see things come to a head

4. Arrows: feelings of ambition, drive, motivation

5. Aimless lines that form no shape or go in all directions: feeling undirected, without structure/purpose, irritated, frustrated

6. Stars: feelings of hopelessness, looking forward or up to things, and optimism

7. Circles: feeling passive rather than aggressive, circles are associated with sociable, talkative, and friendly, desire to be flexible and loving

8. Hearts: one who has love on their mind in most cases (obviously)

9. Flowers: flowers represent the feminine side of ourselves, a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction

10. Several Flowers in Order: desire to see sense of family/togetherness

11. Food: need for love, desire to be filled up, of course it might indicate hunger/thirst

12. Animals: one who is sensitive to living creatures, the type of animal is a great deal about the mood of the doodler and often the type that the person wants to be (ex: tiger means desire to be courageous, snake means sneaky),

13. Small Animals: slowness, lack of self-confidence, more introverted tendencies

14. Aggressive Animals: feeling assertive (synonyms: agressive, confident, demanding, leader, strong-willed)

15. Fun-loving Animals: one who is playful

16. Animals that move quickly: desire to get away quickly

17. Transportation Methods: -Doodles of cars, trains, boats, wagons, buses…etc., means desire to get away quickly or to reach a goal, often people who are bored with their jobs draw these

18. Houses: a warm inviting house is when one is happy with his homelife, a hazardous house is when one has negative feelings towards it

19. Tree: a tree represents our egos and our ambitions. A healthy tree (large, robust, strong, balanced, full, alive) indicates love, sex, children together. bare, droopy branches indicates depression, lack of fighting spirit.

20. People:

If you draw people then
  • Not Drawing Hands: the feeling of not being able to do things
  • Not Drawing Feet: feeling of not belonging anywhere, as if you have no roots
  • Face: missing parts of the face is one who feels not whole, faceless, and feeling lack
  • Only Drawing the Profile (side of the face): one who doesn’t like the way they look, or feeling like you can’t draw well
  • Only drawing eyes: feelings of suspicion, cautious, careful, as if you need to have eyes on all parts of your head
  • Ears Only: feeling that you have to listen too much from someone

1. People who shade: are sensual (desire to please/excite your senses)

2. People who shade in existing letters: unexpressed sensuality, feeling like setting limits to oneself, not feeling adventurous/creative at the moment

3. Doodling on one’s body and/or getting tattoos: not wanting to be mainstream; needing to flaunt one’s individuality, if it’s overdone - it indicates desire to self-destruct

4. Doodle on buildings (walls), books, schoolwork…etc: antisocial feelings and behavior, desperate need to be seen and heard

5. Constantly doodling the same image over & over: feeling like one has no artistic talent

6. Doodling on whatever paper happens to be around: are people who get bored easily

7. People who like to doodle in their spare time: usually indicates artistic ability, otherwise -one who thinks that they have artistic ability
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3 March 2014 at 10:33

#5 and #6 are right on the money.Just in the last couple of years,I have been struggling with the loss of confidence in my guitar playing.There was a time when I had to carry my balls around in a wheel barrow,that's how much confidence I had in myself...where did it go?

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