14 Reasons that Make Children Psychopathic

Tuesday 15 October 2013 0 comments

The Background of Psychopathic Children
How Children Become Psychopathic
Why Children Become Psychopathic

Ultimate Reasons why children become Psychopathic, everyone must read this article.

Common traits in the background of psychopathic children include:

1. A mother who cannot maintain stable emotional connection with child

2. Low birth weight or birth complications

3. A mother exposed to deprivation or abuse as a child

4. A transient father

5. Unusual reactions to pain (especially to insult)

6. Lack of attachment to adults

7. Failure to make eye contact when touched

8. Transient relationships throughout childhood, or close association with another like him

9. Cruelty toward others

10. Animal abuse

11. Lack of remorse for hurting someone

12. Lack of empathy in friendships

13. Low frustration tolerance

14. Sense of self-importance
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