5 Tips For Dream Interpretation

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Some Tips for Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation Guide

A1. After you dream, try to recall the main details of your dream. The things that stood out and the emotions that you felt. You should do this immediately after you wake up, because you’re more likely to remember the dream and the feelings that were attached. Also, when you first wake up, you’re more likely to gain insights and awareness about  your dreams.

A2. Studies suggest that sleep refreshes our thinking and makes them clear. When we first wake up, we’re most likely to have an insight because sleep sorts out information that we experience during the day and solves problems we couldn’t solve. Hence, when you wake up, this is also the best time to try to understand your dreams as your thinking is most clear.

A3. The main things to note in your dreams are your emotions and salient events triggering those emotions. What emotions did you feel? Fear, desire, anger, sadness, disgust, happiness, surprise? What were you dreaming about? How or why might those dream cause you to feel those emotions? What life problems outside the dreams are you currently experiencing? How might your dreams relate to those experiences? Figuring out the answers to these questions can help you make sense of your dreams.

A4. If it helps, refer to one of those dream and symbols interpreters guide. For example, dreammoods is a really good one. Dreammoods tells you about the symbolism of each dream events. For example, it tells you what it means to dream about a snake, a lightbulb, a hallway, being chased etc? It has over like 1000 different dream symbols. Even though the meaning of a dream is unique to yourself and your own life experiences, these guide can help you figure out their meaning if you really don’t have the insight you need.

A5. Pay attention to common themes and reoccurring types of dreams. These are the dreams where you keep dreaming about the same things or have the same emotion. What do you keep dreaming about? What do you keep seeing? What do you keep feeling from these dream?  What do you want most or fear most from life? These reoccurring themes or dreams could tell you about something that keeps bothering you.

A6. Note that even though reoccurring dreams or themes could be trying to tell you something important, a lot of dreams are also meaningless. Dreams are just the random firing of neurons from things you perceive in everyday life and your brain making random images out of them. Hence, do not put too much weight into trying to understand your dreams even though they can be fun to do.
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